Series: Glenn Tryon

Director: Hal Roach
Producer: Hal Roach
Story: Hal Roach
Titles: H.M. Walker
Photography: Floyd Jackson, George Stevens
Editor: Thomas J. Crizer

Stars: Glenn Tryon, Blanche Mehaffey, Jack Gavin, Bob Kortman, Leo Willis
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 07 December 1924
Length: 6 reels
Production No.: T-2
Filming dates: February 18 - May 20, 1924;
retakes June 16-20, 1924

Rating: 0/10

The White Sheep

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In the small town of Tyler, where one half was in Kansas and the other in Missouri, two sons Milt (BOB KORTMAN) and Mose (LEO WILLIS) are work hands for their father Nelse (JACK GAVIN). The third brother, "the white sheep" of the family Tobias (GLENN TRYON) is picked on by the older brothers for being weak but after he is taunted by some townfolk Mose comes to his rescue. Neighbor from across the street Mrs. Morton seeks Nelse's help with her husband (RICHARD DANIELS) Ab's drinking. Nelse straightens Ab out, and then steals his drink from the bar after he leaves it there.
Patience Matthews (BLANCHE MEHAFFEY) and her father (CHRIS LYNTON), a judge from Illinois, ride into town in the next wagon hoping to settle there but are advised to leave by Nelse. After some pleading from Patience, Nelse agrees to let them rent a vacant house much to the annoyance of the two sons. That evening the brothers are at home, Tobias peeling onions, Mose polishing his revolver and Milt playing tunes on his cornet. But when Tobias causes trouble he is ordered to the store to get groceries where he meets up with Patience. After some flirting, he tells her to call for him if ever she ever gets in trouble. Patience wastes little time in taking up the offer when Mose comes over and begins pestering her. Tobias tricks Mose into telling him their father and Milt are fighting at home so that Mose will run to their aide, giving Patience the impression that Tobias had scared Mose away.
It doesn't take long before Mose realises he had been duped and comes looking for Tobias at the girl's house. After a prolonged chase, the brothers end up back at their house.
Nelse is off to a business meeting at the Town Hall but tells Tobias he cannot go. At the meeting, Tom Calvert is planning to break Nelse's rule and entices his henchman Newt Randall to nominate him for mayor. As the Judge is finishing his speech, Nelse strolls in with his three sons. Voting begins for the mayor election. Nelse is elected and his first appointment is to award Ab Morton the role of sheriff. Fast forward a couple of months.... Patience invites Tobias to her house for supper but the note is intercepted by Milt, and then by Mose - both of whom think it is for them. Milt shows up at Patience's house, followed shortly after by the immaculately-dressed Mose much to Patience's discomfort. Finally, Tobias shows up too but his brothers pick him up and throw him out of the window.


Copyrighted December 3, 1924.
Some sources give a release date of December 14, 1924.
This was the second feature film for Glenn Tryon.
The tune Milt plays on his coronet is "Home, Sweet Home" by H.R. Bishop.
The credits show Roy Clements and Hampton Del Ruth as co-directors.
My opinion
Some films are boring, some are just bad - this is simply horrendous.

Glenn Tryon
Tobias Tyler
Blanche Mehaffey
Patience Matthews
Jack Gavin
Nelse Tyler
Bob Kortman
Milt Tyler
Leo Willis
Mose Tyler
Richard Daniels
"Ab" Morton
Chris Lynton
Judge Matthews
J.J. Clayton
Tom Calvert
Dick Gilbert
Newt Randall
Joe Bordeaux
Morton's son

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