Look Out Below!
Series: Harold Lloyd Distribution: Rolin/Pathé Exchange  Director: Hal Roach Cinematography: Walter Lundin
Production: L-52 Type: Silent short Producer: Hal Roach Editor: ?
Released: 16 March 1919 Length: 1-reel Titlles: H.M. Walker


Harold and Bebe are at street level when they are berated by policeman Noah Young.  Unfortunately they sit down on an iron girder which is then raised by a crane to the top of a building.  Harold soon realises how high up he is when he shuffles his feet and cannot feel the floor beneath them.  He alerts Bebe to the situation and the two of them panic with fear.  Construction worker Snub rubs his eyes in disbelief before rescuing the girl, leaving poor Harold to fend for himself.
In a rare display of anger, Snub turns aggressive towards Harold, threatening to fight him, antagonising Harold further by having his arm firmly around Bebe.  Snub then leaps onto the girder, hanging high above the street below to confront Harold.
Down below, the foreman (Bud Jamison) witnesses the fracass above and takes a lift to the top of the structure.  He escorts Bebe to safety then turns his attentions to the fighting Harold and Snub.  Harold manages to climb off the girder to safety, leaving Snub swinging on his own.  Snub does manage to climb off and after catching up with an escaping Harold, uses him as a wheelbarrow and steering him back to the swinging girder (see favourite bit).
Harold is lowered back to the ground, much to his relief where he finds the foreman getting a bit overfriendly with his girl.  Harold marches over to them as the footage fades to black....

Favourite bit
There is no shortage of trust involved when you allow your co-star to walk you around on your hands across a narrow wooden plank and onto a moving girder suspended in the air.  This could have gone horribly wrong for both actors.  Gutsy.

Production L-52 - Harold Lloyd series.
Copyrighted December 4, 1918.
Reissued February 12, 1922.

Filming dates
September 3-8, 1918.

A complete print of the film exists, though obtaining a copy of it is proving to be difficult.  I was able to work with approximately half of the footage.
When Harold and Bebe are raised by the crane it would appear Bebe isn't acting, but rather, holding on for dear life.
Just what exactly is the guy doing sitting on the end of the structure banging his hammer?

What the experts say
Not a lot.

Harold Lloyd
The boy
Bebe Daniels
The girl
Snub Pollard
Noah Young
Bud Jamison
Dee Lampton
Fat worker
Sammy Brooks
Worker with hammer
  Billy Fay
  Lew Harvey
  Margaret Joslin
  Oscar Larson
  Marie Mosquini
  William Petterson
  Jerome Laplanch
  James Parrott
  D. Coburn



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