Do You Love Your Wife?
Series: Stan Laurel Distribution: Rolin/Pathé  Director: Hal Roach Cinematography: Robert Doran
Production: R-1 Type: Silent short Producer: Hal Roach Editor: Thomas J. Crizer
Released: 05 January 1919 Length: 1-reel


Wife (Margaret Joslin) brings her husband (Bud Jamison) their pet dog for its grooming, with Bud brushing the pet's teeth with a toothbrush in the lounge.  Cue the vamp (Marie Mosquini), lounging around smoking.  Cut back to the married couple, and the wife telling Bud to take the dog for a walk.  Dressed in his robe, he dutifully obliges and paces up and down the room with the poodle on a lead.  Bud does all the walking, whilst the dog remains motionless!
Elsewhere in a small hotel, janitor Toby (Stan Laurel) is asked by a couple (Bunny Bixby and James Parrott) to post a letter on their behalf.  The janitor then empties a post box in the lobby and spills the contents over the floor.  As he attempts to sweep them up, a gentleman reads a newspaper and hinders the janitor's progress, so he gets swept off his feet too.
The vamp's faithless husband Elmer (William Gillespie) comes home to his sneezing, seductive wife; whilst Toby spends half a minute trying to remove a vacuum nozzle off his chin.  He then proceeds to suck up Belle Mitchell's skirt and then Margaret Joslin's hat.  Toby then tries to suck up the letters dropped in the foyer but the vacuum blows them across the floor instead.
A pretty young lady ("Vermicelli" - Mildred Forbes) appears in the hotel, dramatically over-acting and hugging all the walls (?!) before knocking at the vamp's door, where she finds her husband (Gillespie) with the vamp and threatens to shoot him.
The janitor is asked by Margaret Joslin to take a bottle of milk up to her apartment to give to her husband, which he does but then finds the maid sitting outside the room of the other couple across the hallway.  Gunshots are fired from inside the room and the jilted wife aims to shoot her cheating husband whilst the vamp watches on helplessly.

It's a terribly unfunny film, with Stan Laurel appearing to be more annoying than he is funny; a trait which unfortunately, tends to run through most of his solo films.

  Favourite bit

Production R-1 - Stan Laurel series.
Copyrighted November 21, 1918.

Filming dates
June 11-15, 1918.

This was the first film Stan Laurel made for Hal Roach, though it wasn't his first to be released by the studio.
When we first see Marie Mosquini she does have some cleavage on show (hey, I'm a guy, I notice these things!)
The dog's name is Vivian.
The scenes involving Marie Mosquini are, in my opinion, very poorly edited into the film.
 The janitor is so lazy that he tries to use a vacuum cleaner to pick up the letters from the floor, rather than just bend down and pick them up with his hands.

What the experts say
Not a lot.

Stan Laurel
Toby, the janitor
William Gillespie
Elmer, the faithless husband
Bud Jamison
Margaret Joslin
Marie Mosquini
The vampire
Charles Stevenson
Noah Young
James Parrott
Hotel patron
Bunny Bixby
Hotel patron
Dorothea Wolbert
Hotel guest
Gus Leonard
Hotel guest
Lois Neilson
Switchboard operator
Mildred Forbes
Belle Mitchell
Knitting lady
William Peterson
Guest with monocle
  May Burns
James Fitzgerald
Tall arresting officer



Acknowledgements: (Motion Picture News, 18 Jan 1919)
Jesse Brisson (help and assistance; ID of James Fitzgerald and others)
Christin Gleditzsch (identification of Lois Neilson) - and Richard Bann for confirmation
Craig Calman (help with information)

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