Series: Vanity Fair Girls w/Eddie Boland

Director: Nicholas T. Barrows
Producer: Hal Roach

Stars: Eddie Boland, Ethel Broadhurst
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 20 March 1921
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: C-15
Filming dates: January 8-15 and 25, 1921
Rating: -/10

Running Wild

Eddie is spotted in the street by two policemen who spot his picture on a "wanted" sign. Eddie gives them the slip by jumping into the back of a parked sidecar and hiding under the covers but he is quickly discovered and makes another run for it. The cops pursue him to a grocery store where Eddie has hidden up in the canopy. After being exposed by the shopkeeper, he hides behind a large painted canvas but again is discovered when the owner removes it.
The cops split up in an attempt to find their culprit as he hides behind a man wearing a sandwich board walking down the street before slipping unseen into a restaurant.


Copyrighted March 9, 1921.
Some strange guys walks into your restaurant. You have never met him before and you have no idea who he is or what he is capable of. He tells you he is going to take the dishes out into the back (because his doctor told him to). As the cashier, wouldn't you just be a little bit suspicious?

Eddie Boland
Ethel Broadhurst
Harold Adkins
Dagmar Dahlgren
Gertrude Gamet
Jean Hope
Wallace Howe
Dolores Johnson
Julie Leonard
Gaylord Lloyd
Bob O'Conor
Charles Stevenson
Molly Thompson
Lilymae Wilkinson
Noah Young

Tommie Hicks (review print)

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