Harold Adkins
born: 10 July 1898
Lima, Ohio,
United States of America
died: 05 May 1964
Los Angeles, California,
United States of America
(age 65)

Young American actor who worked exclusively in the Vanity Fair Girls/Eddie Boland series of films with Hal Roach in the early 1920s. He had a scar over his right eye.

1898 born to C.H. Adkins and Lora T. Mathews: Lima, OH:10 Jul: Ancestry OH Births & Christenings.
1900 Census family is living in Lima, OH: Charles H.(Dad), Laura (Mom), Helen (dau), Harold (son).
1910 Census family is living in Oklahoma City, OK. Father is very successful lawyer.
1913 (approximately) family moves to Los Angeles.
1918 he was the “purchasing agent” for the Rolin Film Co..(WWI Draft Card).
1920 Census “clerk motion picture” living with divorced father.
1920-1922 “assistant director” Vanity Fair Girls and Eddie Boland film series' as “Harold Atkins”.
1926 listed as both “Hal Adkins” and “Hal Atkins” as “prpman” at his parents' address.
1930 Census “property man movie studio”: WWI veteran (no record found): living with parents.
1930-1935 working as “property master” for Chaplin Studios as “Hal Adkins”.
1936 “studio worker” living with parents.
1937 “auto mechanic” living with parents.
1938 “machinist” living with parents.(His brother-in-law is machinist).
1940 Census “motion picture set dresser” living with divorced father.
1941 Harold Adkins, “studio worker” lives 6822 Sunset Blvd. Parents address.
1942 Harold Mathews Adkins: “employer: “Motion Picture Studios”: Young Men's WWII Draft Card.
1942 Harold “Atkins” living at parents address, 6822 Sunset Blvd.
1942 marries a 39 yr old widow (Louise Theresa Bellmond Campbell).
1947 *shares with Marty Martin 1946 Academy Award (Scientific or Technical Achievement) for RKO ….....Miniatures Department equipment providing visual bullet effects w/o explosives (“Film Daily”).
1948 Wife, Louise, dies Oct 30th.
1964 Harold dies in LA on May 5th (CA Death Index). Obituary not found.

*No direct evidence of Harold working for RKO Studio nor photos or obituary found. He is the ONLY Adkins, Atkins, Hal, Harold or H.M. in the given time-frame found living in Los Angeles or working at a movie studio and having mechanical experience. Harold M., Harold, and Hal ADKINS and ATKINS are the same person.
1916-1921 Harold's Mom and Dad are in a scandalous divorce trial (in the LA newspapers for 5 years).
About 1913, Harold's Mom, Laura, started cheating on her husband with a wealthy man from Iowa who was to eventually inherit a $2,000,000 estate (with his sister) provided he is of good moral character when his 94 year old father in IA dies.
Being a lawyer, Harold's Dad decides to sue the other man for $50,000 for alienation of his wife's affection. The jury trial goes on and lurid and titillating evidence about the “lovers” is presented. The Dad even breaks down sobbing during his testimony and wins the suit but the judgment is cut down to $5,000. (That's all his wife's affections were worth, according to one newspaper report).
The defense denied everything and claimed that the allegations were part of a conspiracy to keep the “other man” from his $1,000,000 inheritance by smearing his character. The case carried on with appeals until 1921, when they settled out of court, dismissing the “other man” without any guilt. Do not know what happened to the “other man”, Albert H. Brett, but the Adkins's got divorced. Some time in the 1920's, they reconciled because the records show them living together (with Harold) until the 1940 Census which has them “divorced” and living apart.
Real name: Harold Mathews Adkins
Height: 5'9"
Films listed on this page: complete Hal Roach filmography.


Greek Meets Greek
[unidentified character]

The Sleepy Head
[unidentified character]

Burglars Bold
[unidentified character]

Pinning It On
[unidentified character]

Prince Pistachio
[unidentified character]

Paint And Powder
[unidentified character]

Running Wild
[unidentified character]

The Love Lesson
[unidentified character]

[unidentified character]

Hurry West
[unidentified character]

A Straight Crook
[unidentified character]

Stop Kidding
[unidentified character]

The Chink
[unidentified character]

[unidentified character]

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