Short Kilts  
03 August 1924
Pathé Exchange
silent short


Director: George Jeske  Producer: Hal Roach  Titles: H.M. Walker
Cinematography: Frank Young  Editor: Thomas J. Crizer  Assistant director: Leo McCarey


IMAGE COMING SOON On a quiet Scottish farm the McGregor family (Leo Willis - father, Patsy O'Byrne - mother, Mary Kornman & Ena Gregory - daughters)  are sitting around the dinner table when the eldest son (Finlayson) arrives home.  When he realises the family are about to eat he rather theatrically stops them and tells them they have all been invited out instead.
Meanwhile at the McPherson house, the father (Jack Gavin) is about to eat his dinner but cannot stand the sound of his son (Mickey Daniels) playing a musical instrument any more so grabs him and shoves him in his chair just as his daughter walks in for dinner.

  Favourite bit

•Production L-12 - Stan Laurel series.
•Also listed for August 11, 1924.
•Filmed January 16-24, 1924.
•Copyrighted August 2, 1924.
Did you notice?

Stan Laurel
McPherson's son
James Finlayson
McGregor's son
Mickey Daniels
McPherson's kid
Ena Gregory
McGregor's daughter
George Rowe
Mary Kornman
McGregor kid
Leo Willis
Jack Gavin
'Tonnage' Martin Wolfkeil
McHungry's son
Sammy Brooks
  Helen Gilmore
Mrs. McHungry
Patsy O'Byrne
McGregor's wife
Ouida Wildman
McPherson's daughter
  Al Forbes
(unknown character)
  Charles Lloyd
(unknown character)
  Al Ochs
(unknown character)
  Joy Winthrop
(unknown character)

Acknowledgements: (
"Laurel OR Hardy" by Rob Stone (book)

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