Vamp Till Ready
  Directors: Charley Chase, Harold Law • Producer: Hal Roach • Cinematography: Francis Corby •
Editor: William H. Ziegler • Sound recording engineer: Warren B. Delaplain
  28 March 1936  
  sound short  

DVD screencapture - Lord Heath - Laurel & Hardy - Another Nice Mess - Charley is practicing playing a grand piano on its side in preparation for him buying an accordian.  Naturally, it doesn't end well for Charley.  Later, Charley bumps into a friend who invites him over to a party later that evening, though Charley turns down the offer.  When Charley returns to his apartment, his wife Norma (Wilma Cox) has dressed up and he mistakes her for her sister.  Charley's mother (Zeffie Tilbury) advises Norma to 'play along' and have some fun at Charley's expense.

Ham Kinsey, who was Stan Laurel's stunt double for many years, performed the stunts in this film for Charley Chase.
Did you notice?
•When we first see Charley, he is playing a piano sideways.  The tune he is playing is "Honolulu Baby".  This song was playing during his brief scene in the Laurel & Hardy feature, Sons Of The Desert.
•In the film, Wilma Cox's sister is called Louise.
•I have to question the relative ease in which the grand piano falls over and lands on Charley's hand.  There is no way such a heavy object could behave in such a pain-free manner!  Trust me, I know from personal experience!!

Charley Chase
Wilma Cox
Norma, Charley's wife
DVD screencapture - Lord Heath - Laurel & Hardy - Another Nice Mess - Zeffie Tilbury
Mrs. Sutton
Brooks Benedict
Pauline High
Polly Chase
Mary McLaren
Harry Bowen
Vessey O'Davoren
Ham Kinsey
Man at the party

Smile When The Raindrops Fall by Brian Anthony & Andy Edmonds (book)
The Charley Chase Talkies 1929-1940 by James L. Neibaur (book)
Brent Seguine (identification of Pauline High)

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