Series: All Stars w/The Boy Friends

Director: Lloyd French, Robert A. McGowan
Producer: Hal Roach
Dialogue: H.M. Walker
Photography: Len Powers
Editor: Richard C. Currier
Sound: James Greene

Stars: Mickey Daniels, Mary Kornman, Grady Sutton, Harry Bernard
Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Released: 14 May 1932
Length: 2 reels
Production No.: S-7
Filming dates: February 1-6, and March 1-8, 1932
Rating: -/10

Too Many Women

Mickey is pitching and throwing on a baseball field with an animated ball which has a mind of its own. He is so fast that his third throw splits the batter's bat in half. The coach (HARRY BERNARD) exclaims that he is good enough for the big leagues. Mickey walks off and orders a soda from Sadie, a beautiful young woman whom he claims is his inspiration for how well he plays baseball. But when he gets his finger stuck in the bottle top, the drink fizzes up and drenches the other patrons. Mickey makes a quick exit with Mary, who is waiting outside.
They sit down and Mary reminds Mickey of previous times where he could wiggle his ears (through some photograph flashbacks), and how she fell in love with him. But after two examples, he rips up the pictures, stating he would rather forget about his past. Mickey then seeks Mary's advice in matters of love, asking how would he know the signs. Of course, what Mary doesn't realise is that Mickey is referring to Sadie, the soda shop girl, so she tells him exactly what to do in order for him to show his love for a girl, believing he is talking about herself. When he practices, "Sadie, I love you" in front of her, she breaks down in tears.
Mickey is soon to be the one upset when he stumbles across a newlywed couple emerging from the registry office. The bride is none other than his Sadie - now married to the hulking Tiny Sandford. As the happy couple get into their taxi, a group of wedding guests pelt them with rice and shoes. One of the shoes hits poor Mickey, who returns it to its owner in the same way he received it!
And so the mistaken identity shoe-throwing battle begins! Shoes are thrown across the street in all directions, with innocent bystanders getting struck. Eventually, Alabam and Eddie rescue Mickey and pull him to one side - whilst the shoes continue to fly in the background. The next day is the baseball game, with Mickey pitching, but as he warms up, his heart is really not into it and the coach calls him over for a chat. Mary asks Eddie what is wrong with Mickey, and he informs her that Mickey is upset because he just found out his love interest has got married. This news is well received by Mary, but back at his apartment Mickey is moping about feeling sorry for himself. Alabam decides to send some attractive young ladies in to make Mickey feel better. One by one they try to make him feel loved, but all fail. All but one, that is. The last woman manages to seduce Mickey to the point of forcing him to kiss her and when he will not comply she beats him up; all the while he is missing the big baseball game.
Finally, in walks a very seductive-looking (and behaving) Mary, who coerces Mickey down from on top of the light fittings and leads him off to the game. His team are on the verge of defeat, but Mickey gets stuck in after some encouraging words from Mary. His first two throws are awesome, resulting in two strikes, but his third is sloppy and is met with the batter hitting a home run. Mickey confesses he is in love and he and his team are pelted with seat cushions from the angry fans in the stands.

Favourite bit
The shoe-throwing battle in the street is just so bizarre, it's utterly silly yet hilarious at the same time!  It descends into a war-zone of shoes flying across the street in random directions by strangers who don't even know where the offending objects came from in the first place.  I mean, fancy walking down the street and minding your own business and you get hit in the head with some flying footwear!

Copyrighted October 3, 1932.
The 14th, and penultimate film in the series.
Working title was "Girl Trouble".
As the waitress bends over behind the counter, you can briefly see the top of her stockings.
The word VARSITY is etched in the front window of the soda shop (we see it backwards).
Mary Kornman and Mickey Daniels were regular cast members of the Our Gang series. During this film we are treated to a couple of flashbacks from two Our Gang films. It is suspected the first is a deleted sequence from JUBILO JR, and the second is from ASK GRANDMA. Also, during the second flashback, the theme tune to the Our Gang series is heard playing.
Mary tells Mickey that she loves roses.
Look at how beautiful Mary is in this film. How could Mickey treat her the way he does?
Tiny Sandford paid $10.85 for the Madagascar sea wolf fur that his bride wears around her neck.
When the newlyweds emerge from the registry office, "Here Comes The Bride" is the music that is playing on the soundtrack.
Mickey throws the baseball with his left hand.
The baseball game is between COLTON and ELMIRA. Elmira (in New York) was the town where producer Hal Roach was born.

Mickey Daniels
Mary Kornman
Grady Sutton
Harry Bernard
Baseball coach
Eddie Baker
Opposing team coach
Dick Gilbert
Mug in soda shop
Charlie Hall
Man in street hit by shoe
Tiny Sandford
Sadie's bridegroom
Clara Guiol
Wedding guest throwing rice
Ham Kinsey
Baseball umpire
Jack Stoney
Shoe-throwing truck driver
Gordon Douglas
Batter who complains
Lois January
Flirty woman
Ed Brandenburg
Pedestrian hit by flying shoe
Helen Dale
Eleanor Fredericks
Soda shop girl
Bob Minford
Wedding guest who throws shoe
Katherine Grant
[archive footage]
Assertive woman
Shoe thrower
Betty "no brains"

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Acknowledgements: (Robert Demoss/The Lucky Corner) Matthew Lydick (identification of the flashback sequences)
Brent Seguine (identification of Jack Stoney)
Lou Sabini (identification of Gordon Douglas)
Richard Finegan (stills, information and help)
Jesse Brisson (identification of Helen Dale, Eleanor Fredericks, Bob Minford)

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