Keg O' My Heart  
sound short


Director: Billy Gilbert  Producer: Hal Roach
Cinematography: Kenneth Peach  Editor: Louis McManus  Sound recording: Warren B. Delaplain


  Favourite bit

•Production M-2 - Musical series with Billy Gilbert and Billy Bletcher.
•The title is a play on words for "Peg O' My Heart".
•The film had been originally planned for release on 11 November 1933.  It existed in fragments that hadn't been assembled before the studio decided to scrap the entire project.  Around 2000, these fragments were located and assembled and the short was given its very first release, which was aired on TCM on January 30, 2007.
•The music score over the opening titles as well as over the unfinished chorus number were provided by the Beau Hunks.
Did you notice?
•The opening titles sequence is shown with the credits pinned to several barrels, which are placed on the screen and then removed by hand.  The copyright shown on third barrel says 1934 (in Roman numerals).
•There are eight girls singing in the haystack in the second shot of the movie, but their voices cannot be heard.

Billy Gilbert
Louie Schmaltz
Billy Bletcher
Meyer Schmaltz
Don Barclay
Census taker
Ruth Gillette
Leading lady
Charlie Hall
Theodore Lorch
Mr. Smith, City board of censorship
Charley Rogers

Acknowledgements: (
Richard Finegan (information and stills)

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