Series: ZaSu Pitts & Thelma Todd

Director: George Marshall
Producer: Hal Roach
Photography: Hap Depew
Editor: Richard C. Currier
Sound: James Greene

Stars: ZaSu Pitts, Thelma Todd, James C. Morton, Bud Jamison
Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Released: 29 October 1932
Length: 2 reels
Production No.: A-11
Filming dates: August 1-6, 1932
Rating: -/10

The Soilers

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Copyrighted October 24, 1932.
The Twelfth film in the series.
In the scene around 6m 44s into the film Thelma Todd comes very close to losing her head when the revolving door she is in almost decapitates her. You can see she braces herself for impact before correcting herself in time. screenshot.
Credit where it's due for James C. Morton: this was not a stunt double!
The credits mis-spell Bud Jamison's surname as JAMEISON.

ZaSu Pitts
Thelma Todd
James C. Morton
Judge J.A. Morton
Bud Jamison
Detective Jamison
Ernie Alexander
Maintenance man
Charlie Hall
Elevator operator
Sam Lufkin
Courtroom policeman
William J. O'Brien
Bald juror
Lyle Tayo
Ham Kinsey
Man entering hotel/Gangster
Baldwin Cooke
Court clerk
Sydney Jarvis
Dorothy Layton
Woman in revolving door
Symona Boniface
Hotel guest
Harry Wilde
Elevator operator
Sidney DeGray
Chief clerk
John T. Prince
Harry Bernard
John Power
Ruth Adams
Woman in revolving door/
Stunts for Thelma Todd
Betty Danko
News stand clerk/
Stunts for ZaSu Pitts
George Marshall
Helpful bystander
Gangster #2

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Jesse Brisson (identification of Dorothy Layton, Symona Boniface, Harry Wilde, Sidney DeGray, Harry Bernard, John T. Prince, John Power, Ruth Adams, Betty Danko)

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