Dog Heaven  
17 December 1927
silent short


Director: Robert A. McGowan  Producers: Hal Roach, Robert F. McGowan  Titles: H.M. Walker
Cinematography: Art Lloyd  Editor: Richard C. Currier

Pete the Pup tries to commit suicide by hanging himself after he loses Joe's affections for a girl.  He is saved from certain death from another dog who cuts Pete down from the rope.  Pete then sits with the fellow dog and reminisces about his life with Joe and through a series of flashbacks, recalls how Joe attempted to buy his first collar from a store though the owner wouldn't allow him on account of not having enough money.
Pete is then playfully splashed with a hose by Joe back at the house, before Pete manages to turn on the lawn sprinklers to extract revenge on Joe.  Pete explains (through dog langauge, supposedly) that he once had an affair with another dog and kept it a secret from Joe (!)
In the next flashback Jackie is seen splashing Farina from a water fountain and then Wheezer gets a facial too.  The kids tease Joe over Pete having a secret, which culminates in a brawl between Joe and Jay which is broken up when Pete intervenes and chases off Jay and Jackie.
Pete continues his story by telling the dog of how he and Joe were digging for worms when a girl named Clarabelle happened to pass by and grab Joe's immediate attention.  She flirts with him very suggestively in front of Pete, who gets jealous and brings Joe over his fishing rod in a desperate attempt to remind him of they fun they were having together until the girl arrived.
The girl demands that Joe send the dog away because it is scaring her cat, and Joe complies with her wishes.  


  Favourite bit

•The 70th film in the series.
•Production G-4 - Our Gang series.
•Filmed September 15 - October 13, 1927, with retakes November 1, 1927.
•Copyrighted November 26, 1929.
Did you notice?
•The opening shot of Pete hanging himself (although it was a safe stunt) is shocking and probably would not pass film censors of today.
There is another shocking scene shortly after when Joe Cobb's arse is exposed by the dog pulling off his pants.
When Wheezer is standing at the water fountain and getting sprayed with water it looks as though he is genuinely upset.  Such actions today would constitute child abuse in the eyes of the do-gooder PC-brigade.
•Jay R. Smith and Jackie Condon kiss each other on the mouth several times in one scene in the film.  WTF?!
When Joe throws the first punch at Jay, it is so lame!  His aim was so far off you could have fit a train in the space!

Joe Cobb
Jackie Condon
Jean Darling
Allen 'Farina' Hoskins
Bobby 'Wheezer' Hutchins
Mildred Kornman
Jay R. Smith
Annette De Kirby
Lyle Tayo
Clarabelle's mother
Charles Lloyd
Man in wheelchair
Chester Bachman
Chet Brandenburg
Young lover on park bench
Store proprietor

Two shots from the film, filmed in Hollenbeck Park

And this shot was filmed in Westlake Park (now MacArthur Park).

Acknowledgements: ( (Robert Demoss/The Lucky Corner)
"The Little Rascals: The Life And Times Of Our Gang" by Leonard Maltin & Richard W. Bann (book)
John Bengston (identification of Westlake Park)

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