Series: Snub Pollard

Director: Charles Parrott
Producer: Hal Roach
Titles: H.M. Walker

Stars: Snub Pollard, Ernest Morrison
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 18 January 1920
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: H-15
Filming dates: November 24 - December 2, 1919
Rating: 3/10

Slippery Slickers

From 4 minutes 30 seconds of footage available for review:

Snub is after some food. He hides inside a locker so when a delivery guy puts his basket of food down Snub reaches his hand out and grabs some. Unfortunately for Snub he is seen and is thrown across the street, where Sunshine Sammy is sitting eating a chicken leg. Snub tries to take it from him but he is seen by a cop (Noah Young) who comes over to make his presence known. Snub sees him and quickly runs off in the direction of a large house before going inside. A second cop (Mark Jones) shows up when a fancy-dress wearing couple arrive at the house. Inside a party full of couples is in full swing with everybody wearing eye masks and fancy costumes.
Snub acquaints himself with a young lady and begins dancing with her among the other guests. As couples dance they are oblivious to the fact their jewelry is being stolen from them by the two masked strangers who gate-crashed the house. Snub starts finding pieces of jewelry strewn around and tries to get rid of it all. When a large woman complains that she has been robbed Snub suddenly steps up and knows where to find all the missing jewelry. He is the hero, whilst the gate crashers are caught and taken away by the policeman. Snub finally gets a table full of food all for himself.

Favourite bit
Snub hands over the girl to Eddie Boland before running off. Boland simply drops the girl on the floor.

Copyrighted January 31, 1920.
My opinion
From the available footage it is your typical below average Snub Pollard film. None of it makes sense, none of it is entertaining. None of it is memorable.

Snub Pollard
Eddie Boland
Ernest Morrison
Noah Young
Mark Jones
Charles Stevenson
Delivery man
William Gillespie
Gate crasher thief
Bob O'Conor
Wallace Howe
Party guest
Hazel Powell
Party guest
Ernest Morrison Sr.
Bobbie West
Party guest


Dave Glass (print)
Steve Massa (identification of the film)
Jesse Brisson (identification of Bobbie West, Hazel Powell, Wallace Howe and Bob O'Conor)

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