Series: Eddie Boland

Director: Nicholas T. Barrows
Producer: Hal Roach

Stars: Eddie Boland, Ethel Broadhurst, Charles Stevenson
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 04 June 1922
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: C-23
Filming dates: March 25-26, 1921
Rating: 3/10

Good Morning Judge

Tiny Ward and Bob O'Conor are both lawyers working out of the same office. A crowd of people in street have gathered outside a hardware store complaining about statues having been damaged, which brings out the lawyers. Whilst Tiny tries his best to take their case, O'Conor offers to help out a young lady with her own damages suit. Meanwhile in court the judge (EDDIE BOLAND) is dealing with a civil case involving the brewing of illegal liquor. The defendant is Charles Stevenson, who tries to explain, whilst drunk, that his formula is made up of horse-raddish, raisins and tacks! The judge, whilst taking notes on the man's recipe for his own agenda, sentences the man to 90 days. The next defendant is brought in for reckless driving and is sentenced to death; followed by another drunk who only manages to bore the judge.
The main case is next up with one woman describing how she was mowed down in the street by a female driver. The defendant (ETHEL BROADHURST) takes the stand and flashes her eyes to the men on the jury in an attempt to win them over. Her flashback sequence tells how she was driving down the road when she stopped to help another woman (the plaintiff in the courtroom) after she drops her belongings in the road. Having heard the evidence from the two women, the judge instructs the jury to make their verdict. After a matter of a couple of seconds the jury deliver they find the plaintiff guilty of obstructing the traffic. The two women leave the court and exchange unpleasant looks in the street. The judge waits outside for the defendant after chatting her up in court but she ends up driving her car at him and chasing him down the road as he runs for his life to get out of the way as the film fades to black.

Favourite bit
When poor Sammy Brooks has to be held up by his lawyer just so the judge can see him!

Copyrighted June 26, 1922.
Released on the same day as Snub Pollard's Punch The Clock.
My opinion
Very thin in plot for the first half of the film but makes up for it (slightly) in the latter half when the two sides of the story are told from different perspectives by the ladies. Pretty poor in general.

Eddie Boland
Ethel Broadhurst
Charles Stevenson
Drunken defendant
Tiny Ward
Bob O'Conor
Molly Thompson
Sammy Brooks
Reckless driver defendant
Wallace Howe


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Dave Glass (print)
Jesse Brisson (identification of Molly Thompson)

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