Blaze Away
Series: Paul Parrott Distribution: Pathé  Director: Jay A. Howe  Cinematography: ?
Production: C-68 Type: Silent short Producer: Hal Roach  Editor: ?
Released: 03 December 1922 Length: 1-reel


With the footage available for reviewing.... Paul (James Parrott) is practicing the art of being a cowboy. He consults a book before firing his gun, climbing onto a saddle on top of a chair and then falling off and dressing his wounds. He then gets back on his 'saddle' and fires his gun again, this time in the direction of another man (whom I believe to be Wallace Howe) who has just entered the room. Paul leaves abruptly and rides into town on a horse, and straight through a crowded saloon. A town marshal sees this as an act of bravery and rewards Paul with a sheriff's badge immediately. A fearful rival (Eddie Baker) makes his mark when he lights his cigarette by tossing it into the air and shooting at it to ignite it! In the saloon Paul shows off his recently-learned shooting skills with a bottle before sitting down to a game of poker with the the rival and townsman Mark Jones. Paul wins the first hand with four kings over Eddie's four queens but Eddie takes the pot through physical persuasion.
A sneaky onlooker places a chewing gum under Paul's elbow so that every time Paul leans forward he just happens to put his elbow on the pack of cards on the table which attaches the top card of the deck to his sleeve. When he pulls his arm back the guy retrieves the card from him. All hell breaks loose in the bar after the suspicion of cheating has taken place and when Eddie dares to point his gun at Eddie, Eddie simply bends it in half, laughing. The two men fight, with Eddie getting the upper hand to begin with until it spills out into the street. Paul ends up in a water container but manages to place the handcuffs on Eddie and lead him into a jail cell before throwing away the key. At this point the film print turns dark and finishes soon after; it is difficult to determine the on-screen action.

Production C-68 - Hal Roach series with Paul Parrott.
Copyrighted December 1, 1922.
Filming dates
September 22-27, 1922.
Review is taken from approximately 5 minutes and 53 seconds of footage available for viewing.
What the experts say
"It has its moments but ultimately it's the same old western routine." ~ Lord Heath.

James Parrott
Jobyna Ralston
Eddie Baker
Wallace Howe
Man with shotgun
Mark Jones
Poker player
Marvin Loback
George Rowe
Man who appoints Paul as sheriff
Sammy Brooks
[unidentified character]
Sam Lufkin
[unidentified character]
John Benson (location of the film)
Dave Glass (identification of the film)

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