Series: Snub Pollard

Director: Charles Parrott
Producer: Hal Roach

Stars: Snub Pollard, Marie Mosquini, Eddie Boland
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 15 February 1920
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: H-18
Filming dates: December 22-27, 1919
Rating: 2/10

Waltz Me Around

The dance schoolmaster informs his students they are getting a new instructor who is very talented. The girls start to practice their dance routines. Meanwhile, back on the farm, our fair maiden, (Marie Mosquini) is preparing to leave for the big city to pursue her dream of becoming a professional dancer. As her friends wish her luck and farewell, her boyfriend (Eddie Boland) gives her a fond good-bye kiss. The farm manager orders the boyfriend to get back to work accompanied by a good kick in the pants.
Snub and Ernie run a transfer service which is transporting some household goods and a goat to a house. Unloading the truck, Snub places a huge trunk on bent-over Ernie's back, the weight of which forces him to the ground. Ernie complains to Snub that he's being treated like a mule as he trudges off with the trunk while Snub follows carrying only a parrot in a cage. Arriving inside the house, Ernie flips the trunk off his back but is unable to straighten up. Snub does his best to help Ernie trying to pull him to a standing position. When this fails, he resorts to stomping on the highest part of Ernie, forcing him to the floor and straightening him out in the process. When the lady of the house asks Snub where the cat is, Snub shows her the cat in the bird, cage. When she inquires about the parrot, Snub replies the bird is in the cage along with the cat so they will feel comfortable. This upsets the lady of the house who promptly has Snub and Ernie thrown out of the house.
After getting back in the delivery truck, Snub and Ernie drive off. At a near-by street corner, Marie steps off the curb into the path of Snub's truck and stops to look both left and right and then at the address written on the paper she is carrying. As she is blocking his way, Snub tells her to make a effort to move her legs. As she continues to look around trying to decide which way to go, Snub uses a pole with a hook to pull her out of his way. She shows Snub the note with the address on it and smiles sweetly at him. Totally charmed by her, he tells her to get in and he'll deliver her to the address. With her climbing into the front seat, Ernie is displaced to the back of the truck which in turn forces the goat out on to the ground. Off they go, the goat trying his best to stop them by refusing to move his legs and being dragged behind.
Meanwhile, at the dance school, the schoolmaster is complimenting the girls on their dancing. When Snub arrives at the school, both him and Ernie fondly watch Marie go into the school. First Snub , then Ernie chase after her. The other girls are not impressed with Marie and start to make fun of her. She tells the schoolmaster of her dream of dancing and gives him a brief dancing demonstration. He sends her with one of the other girls to change into more appropriate attire. Snub and Ernie walk in and are immediately impressed with the beauty of dancing girls. They retreat back to the truck where Snub tells Ernie to get dressed in his best clothes so they can fit in with the high class people. Dressed in their finest, they re-enter the dance school where Snub is immediately mistaken as the new dance instructor.
The schoolmaster decides to have the students dance for the new instructor. Snub enjoys watching the girls dance but isn't thrilled with the male dancer's routines. The only part he enjoys is when the dancer trips and falls. Marie re-appears dressed in a skimpy dancing costume. The schoolmaster orders everyone to leave saying he's going to give Marie a private lesson. With everyone gone, he proceeds to make a unwelcome advance towards Marie. Hearing a commotion, Snub returns to the room, sees what's happening and comes quickly to Marie's aid. A heated battle is in progress with Snub getting the worst of it when who should show up but Marie's faithful old boyfriend from the farm. The boyfriend quickly takes care of the lecherous schoolmaster and strolls off arm in arm with Marie leaving Snub alone with Ernie who preforms his own dance routine.

Favourite bit

Copyrighted February 24, 1920.

Snub Pollard
Marie Mosquini
Ernest Morrison
Ernest Morrison Sr.
Eddie Boland
Gaylord Lloyd
Man who ushers Snub out of apartment
Bob O'Conor
Wallace Howe
Man with bandaged foot
Charles Stevenson
Performer in tunic

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John Benson (review notes)

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