Series: Gaylord Lloyd

Director: Erle C. Kenton
Producer: Hal Roach

Stars: Gaylord Lloyd, Estelle Harrison, Tiny Ward, George Rowe
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 16 October 1922
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: D-3
Filming dates:
Rating: 3/10

Dodge Your Debts

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Tiny Ward is 'Moose-head' Mike, the owner of a bar where he beats up his rowdy customers. The large-framed Mike hands his daughter Susie a barrel and tells her to go fill it up with grogg. The bill collector (GAYLORD LLOYD) arrives in a horse-drawn coach and is pointed in the direction of Mike's place. As he approaches he witnesses Susie being assaulted by a thug and knocks the guy down. She runs to tell Mike who then ends up in a scuffle with the bill collector. Mike continues to throw his weight around with a debt collector who dares to accost him in his place. The bill collector gets an even rougher ride when he is thrown through a brick wall. A dozing cop is nabbed by the bill payer into entering Mike's place and he too gets his ass kicked.
The bill payer confronts Mike; they fight. The bill payer knocks into the cop; they chase. He robs a Chinese man of his clothes and hides in a hurse before being caught. The cop continues to chase him, up a lamp-post but the cop is kicked off and into a trough. Now dressed in a woman's clothing the bill payer boards a streetcar where he bumps into Mike. Mike chases him off down the street and gives him a good kicking. The bill payer manages to escape as two cops get involved. From there on it's a mele of people throwing bricks at one another and the bill payer getting dressed up in armour. With Mike and his gang now buried underneath a pile of bricks, the bill payer strolls into his pub and serves the bill and then leaves, rescues the girl and finally kisses her.

Favourite bit
Policeman George Rowe hits himself over the head with a brick. Yep. That's the highlight of the film.

Copyrighted October 12, 1921.
Also listed for November 1921.
'Moose-head' Mike runs the Largest Grogg Shoppe.
When Tiny Ward pushes Susie aside to get at Gaylord Lloyd outside the pub, he seems to place his hand on her right breast.

My opinion
Honestly what an absolute pile of crap! It seems they had a very basic idea, which lasted for about 3 minutes and then said hey we need to fill up the reel so just make the rest of it up as you go!

Gaylord Lloyd
The bill collector
Estelle Harrison
'Moose-head' Mike's daughter
Tiny Ward
'Moose-head' Mike
William Gillespie
Pub patron
Jack O'Brien
George Rowe


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Jesse Brisson (identification of Jack O'Brien)

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