Series: Our Gang

Director: Cyril Endfield
Screenplay: Hal Law, Robert A. McGowan
Photography: Charles Salerno Jr.
Editor: Leon Bourgeau
Music: Max Terr
Art director: Richard Duce

Stars: Robert Blake, Janet Burston, Billy Laughlin, Billie Thomas, Bobby Browning, Valerie Lee, Vincent Graeff, Dickie Hall, Frank Lester Ward
Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Released: 29 April 1944
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: 2861
Filming dates: November 18-26, 1943
Rating: 3/10
Dancing Romeo


Froggy is sitting on a step and sulking when Mickey, Janet and Buckwheat ask him if he is going to Marilyn's dance recital. He isn't interested until the gang declare the additional ice cream and chocolate cake that will be available! Froggy suddenly gets the urge to go. At the recital Marilyn and Gerald take to the floor to perform their dance number whilst Froggy watches from the sidelines getting upset about seeing his girl dancing with another boy. Afterwards Froggy spells out his frustration but nobody seems to care. To make his feelings even worse Marilyn tells Froggy that dancing is more important to her than anything else.
The next morning as Froggy is eating his breakfast he is further enraged when the images of Marilyn - and then Gerald seem to appear in the yolks of his eggs. He promptly attacks the eggs with his knife and fork. Yeah, that should make you feel better, right? Later, whilst Froggy is out walking, he sees the faces of Marilyn and Gerald appearing on a large sign advertising bathing costumes. The gang stop by and Froggy tells them he feels like doing something desperate - he's going to learn to dance. So he organises his own dance recital and invites everybody to come and watch him at the barn. Front row seats are reserved for Gerald and Marilyn who watch the performance with lots of other kids. Dressed in a leopardskin and with the aide of hidden strings, Froggy does his dance to the delight of the audience. As Mickey and Buckwheat control Froggy's every gliding movement from behind the stage, Gerald spots the cable and cuts it, exposing Froggy's fake talent.

Favourite bit
My favourite scene was the last one because it meant that I didn't have to watch any more of it!

Copyrighted May 3, 1944.
This was the last Our Gang film to be produced and the last to be released. It was the 220th short.
Release number: C-500.
The name of the song performed by the pianist is "Once Upon A Dream".
When Froggy takes to the stage to start his dance routine you can hear a generous amount of clapping long after the kids have stopped applauding. Audio dubbing well out of synch!
"Gang! She loves me. Oh.... (and faints) - is the very last line of the very last Our Gang film. Spoken by Froggy.
What the experts say
"Our Gang's swansong goes out with a flicker rather than a bang." ~ Lord Heath.

Robert Blake
Janet Burston
Billy Laughlin
Billie Thomas
Bobby Browning
Valerie Lee
Vincent Graeff
Audience member
Dickie Hall
Audience member
Frank Lester Ward
Excited audience member


The Little Rascals: The Life And Times Of Our Gang by Leonard Maltin & Richard W. Bann (book)
Matthew Lydick (help and information)

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