We Faw Down
Series: Laurel & Hardy Distribution: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer  Director: Leo McCarey Cinematography: George Stevens
Production: L-15 Type: Silent short Producer: Hal Roach  Editor: Richard C. Currier
Released: 29 December 1928 Length: 2-reels Titles: H.M. Walker  


The two wives (Vivien Oakland and Bess Flowers) are in the kitchen playing cards at the table, whilst their husbands (Hardy and Laurel respectively) are in the living room on the sofa.  Ollie is aggitated, though Stan is more relaxed as he sits smoking a pipe.  Ollie reaches over and takes Stan's pipe out and throws it beind the sofa, as the wives look on.  The women can see that their men are up to something, a plan they are formulating between them.
The telephone rings and Stan answers.  A few nervous moments later, and with the suspicious wives in close proximity, Stan offers the phone to Ollie.  Ollie realises the call is a demand to attend a poker game they had previously agreed to attend.  As he doesn't wish to arouse suspicion with the wives (a little too late for that), Ollie pretends he is speaking with his boss.  He emphasises the phrase "boss" several times during the call whilst casually looking over to guage the wives' reactions.  After the call, Ollie announces that his "boss" wishes for he and Stan to go to the Orpheum Theater.  The wives say nothing and the men kiss them goodbye.  Stan and Ollie walk to the front door, with the women closely behind them.  Stan opens the door abruptly, hitting Ollie in the face.  This is followed in quick succession with Ollie walking outside and falling over a hedge.
A nasty-looking character by the name of "One-Round Kelly" accompanies his girlfriend (Kay Deslys) to have her shoes shined.  An electric fan blows her hat off her head and into the street, just as Stan and Ollie are walking past.  Kay and her friend run out to retrieve it and meet the boys.


  Favourite bit

Production L-15 - Laurel & Hardy series.
Copyrighted December 29, 1928.
Released with a synchronized soundtrack.
UK title: We Slip Up.

Filming dates
August 23 - September 1, 1928, with retakes September 13, 1928.

The story was later re-worked into the plot of Sons Of The Desert (1933).
• The original discs for the film exist; they're used on the German disc.
• After the intertitle card that confirms the wives suspect their husbands are up to something the scene cuts to the boys.  When it cuts back to the women, there is a slight smirk on Vivien Oakland's face.
• Ollie takes the telephone call from home and upon realising the man on the other end is ordering him to attend the poker game, Ollie adopts a believable conversation with the unseen man (to the wives) on the other end by calling him "boss".  This gag was later re-used by Ollie again in Their First Mistake.
• Stan kisses both his wife and Ollie's.
• It can be assumed that the house used for the opening scenes was the Laurel's house.  Two clues give this away: firstly, when the telephone rings Stan answers it.  The second clue is when Ollie goes to leave he falls over the hedge.  If it had been Ollie's house, he would have known the hedge was already there.
• As we see Stan and Ollie walking along the street you can clearly see the Harry H. Culver & Company building in the background.

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Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
Vivien Oakland
Mrs. Hardy
Bess Flowers
Mrs. Laurel
Kay Deslys
Kelly's girlfriend
Vera White
Kay's Girlfriend
George Kotsonaros
One-Round Kelly
  Allan Cavan



The following scenes were filmed on the Hal Roach Back Lot and are included in the TOUR


Chris Seguin; Steve Phillips (information relating to the original sound discs being on the German DVD)

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