Hollywood Party
Series: Charley Chase @ MGM Distribution: MGM  Director: Roy Rowland  Cinematography: Aldo Ermini, James Wong Howe
Production: Type: Sound short Producer: Louis Lewyn  Editor: George Boemier
Released: 03 April 1937 Length: 2-reels Dialogue: John W. Craft Art director: Frederic Hope


High up on a cliff top overlooking the sea, Elissa Landi is co-hosting a glamourous event with Charley 'Chan' Chase. As a parade of beautiful women wearing very little clothing take centre stage, the hosts introduce an array of stars including Clark Gable, Joan Bennett, Joe E. Brown and Freddie Bartholomew. Two girl dancers dressed in yellow gowns dance before a model of Chinatown as a five-piece negro band (The Jones Boys) play a tune. Next up is dancer Sunnie O'Dea, sporting a green dress, who performs a dance routine with a band for an eternity (honestly, it's ridiculously long). Charley introduces Anna May Wong, who is dressed all in blue. She gives a brief speech, changes into a white cape with yellow dress.
Next up, Landi introduces Al Lyons and his talented musicians, with a song number performed by one of the band. Then comes a segment with a drunk (Leon Errol) ordering a drink from a Chinese barman. Charley entices Betty Jane Rhodes to sing a song whilst she rocks on a swing chair next to Leon Janney. The song is taken over by singer Joe Morrison, with a hula girl dancing on a Hawaiian beach. The drunk continues to milk the scene with him attempting to make his own concoction. Landi introduces the last act, Jack Goode, a tapdancer who performs yet another ridiculously boring routine with a dozen girl dancers (seriously, tapdancing is NOT entertaining! It's boooooooooooooring!) The film ends with the drunk walking onto the stage and spilling his drinks, before Charley signals the cameraman to bring down the final curtain.

Favourite bit
When Charley Chase calls for the end of the film. Then you know you don't have to endure any more of it!

A 2-reel colour short starring Charley Chase after he left Hal Roach and just before he joined Columbia Pictures in 1937.
Filming dates
Sunnie O'Dea's dance routine lasts a whole 1 minute and 20 seconds. During which time she raises her leg a few times... with a brief glimpse of her underwear.
At around 17 and a half minutes into the film, Elissa Landi introduces the last act, Jack Goode. Is it my imagination or does she appear to be absolutely pissed?
What the experts say
"A colourful mess, mildly entertaining, mostly pointless and dull with long drawn-out, boring routines." ~ Lord Heath.

Charley Chase
Charley Chan Chase
Elissa Landi
Herself, co-host
Joe Morrison
Himself, the singer
Leon Errol
Al Lyons
The Jones Boys
Lassie Lou Ahern
[as Ahern Sisters]
Peggy Ahern
[as Ahern Sisters]
Marcus Show Girls
Clark Gable
Joan Bennett
Joe E. Brown
Freddie Bartholomew
Sunnie O'Dea
Anna May Wong
Betty Jane Rhodes
Leon Janney
Jack Goode
Himself, tapdancer



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