Charley My Boy!  

Director: Leo McCarey Producer: Hal Roach ♦ Titles: H.M. Walker ♦
Cinematography: Harry W. Gerstad ♦ Editor: Richard C. Currier ♦
Supervising director: F. Richard Jones ♦ Additional material: Stan Laurel

Released: 24 January 1926
Pathé Exchange / 2-reels (silent short)

Charley Chase is looking for a job.  He meets up with a young lady (Katherine Grant) on the street, who stops to assist him when she accidentally splashes his suit with a puddle from her passing car.  In turn, he gets her coat wet in the same puddle.  Charley squeezes the water out but it is oil and covers the pair of them.  She pushes him on his backside into the puddle but a policeman (Fred Kelsey) spots the act and reprimands her.  In the end everybody is friends.
Charley answers an advert for an office assistant, where the girls' father is the head of the company.
•Filmed 28 September - 9 October, 1925.
•Released in the UK as "Charlie, My Boy".
Did you notice?
Charley Chase
Charley Chase
Katherine Grant
Walter James
President T.J.
William Courtright
Old Charley
(a.k.a. Charleyhorse)
Fred Kelsey
Sidney D'Albrook
Harry Bowen

Acknowledgements: (
'Smile When The Raindrops Fall' by Brian Anthony & Andy Edmonds (book)