Series: Streamliner

Director: Fred L. Guiol
Producer: Hal Roach
Screenplay: Eugene Conrad, Edward E. Seabrook
Photography: Robert Pittack
Editor: Richard Currier
Art director: Charles D. Hall

Stars: ZaSu Pitts, Slim Summerville, Kathleen Howard, Brenda Forbes, Elyse Knox, Dick Clayton
Company: United Artists
Released: 14 November 1941
Length: 4 reels
Production No.: F-39
Filming dates:
Rating: -/10

Miss Polly

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Copyrighted November 13, 1941.
Robert Demoss/The Lucky Corner website states the film is also listed for January 14, 1941 but this doesn't make sense. It is my guess this is an error and it should have been 1942?

ZaSu Pitts
Pandora Polly
Slim Summerville
Slim Wilkins
Kathleen Howard
Minerva Snodgrass
Brenda Forbes
Elyse Knox
Barbara Snodgrass
Richard Clayton
Dink Trout
Postman Wilbur Boggs
William Newell
New postman Hubert
Ferris Taylor
Mayor Walsh
Fern Emmett
Mrs. Frisbee
Vera Lewis
Elvira Pennywinkle
Sarah Edwards
Angie Turner
Virginia Sale
Orsina Wiggins
Walter Baldwin
Lem Wiggins
Mickey Daniels
Elmer, the grocery boy
George Pembroke
Town constable
Syd Saylor
Drug store owner
Buster Brodie
Bald-headed man
George Chandler
Rube Dalroy
Jim Farley
Jim Pennywinkle
Eddie Hall
Speeder going 14mph in 12mph zone
Noel Neill
Margaret Roach
Elizabeth Russell
Woman at civic league meeting
Walter Soderling
Carl Stockdale
Pop Parsons
Bill Wolfe
Henry Wiggins

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