Series: All Stars

Director: James W. Horne
Producer: Hal Roach

Stars: Lucien Littlefield, Walter Long, Martha Sleeper, Husky Hanes, Noah Young, B. Wayne Lamont
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 25 October 1925
Length: 2 reels
Production No.: S-4
Filming dates: June 18 - July 9, 1925
Rating: 4/10

There Goes The Bride


"Somewhere out west ~~" a recently married couple (Lucien Littlefield and Martha Sleeper) on their honeymoon are riding a train, whilst the groom suffers from a severe toothache. Two handcuffed kidnappers (Noah Young and B. Wayne Lamont) get on the train, accompanied by a tough sheriff (Walter Long) and a stolen baby (Jackie Hanes). When one of the kidnappers tries to flirt with the bride, her husband protests but the situation is quickly dispelled by the sheriff. The baby demands a "wabbit" from the sheriff, who turns him over to the newlywed couple to deal with. The flirtatious kidnapper throws a note over to the bride urging her to ditch her man and elope with him, as a burglar's bride. As the train enters a tunnel the burglars make their move to steal the baby so nobody can see. When the train emerges from the tunnel the sheriff assumes the baby was taken by the groom and starts firing off his gun, hitting the man in the rear. The cheeky sod, I mean baby, has somehow climbed up onto the overhead luggage rack but is rescued by the sheriff.
The conductor announces a forest fire up ahead just before the train crashes head-on with another train coming from the opposite direction. In the mangled carnage the burglars free themselves from their handcuffs by taking the key from the unconscious sheriff, handcuff him to the groom and make their escape with the bride and the baby into the woods. The sheriff drags the groom into the woods still handcuffed to him and mount a couple of conveniently-placed horses, as the robbers ride away on horses with the baby and the bride.
With the groom riding his horse backwards, he and the sheriff pursue the fleeing robbers. The bride manages to momentarily escape and runs to the edge of a cliff, threatening to jump to her death but she is stopped by one of the men. However, she foils him and jumps, clutching hold of a tree on her way down and losing her dress in the process. She is then chased in the nude by a bear (though unfortunately the camera only shows us her legs!) until she reaches a log cabin in the woods. Inside, not only does she find the home empty, but a pair of oversalls on the wall which she quickly dresses into.
Now on one horse together with the groom hanging on for dear life, the sheriff rides closer to the robbers who have stopped up ahead by a large river - which again with major convenience just happens to have a canoe ready and waiting for them to climb into with the baby. The sheriff rides his horse across the river dragging the groom underneath him. When the bear jumps through the cabin window, the bride runs outside and after a short pursuit jumps into the river to flee it. The sheriff drags the groom across the top of a railway bridge which crosses the river. They two men lay down to avoid the oncoming train so that when it passes the wheels cut through the handcuffs, separating them. The sheriff calls it a day and runs off. The groom jumps from the bridge and into the river to save his bride, whilst the robbers steer toward a large waterfall before dropping the kid off on a large rock before they go over. The newleyweds, now reunited, swim to the rock and rescue the kid and call for help. The sheriff rides up on a horse, throws over a rope and pulls them all to safety. With the rope still attached to his neck, the sheriff's horse runs off, with the groom still attached as the film ends.

Favourite bit
Hmmmm the thought of Martha Sleeper naked.... which is implied during a short sequence after she loses her dress in a tree.

Copyrighted September 28, 1925.
Miniatures filmed July 14,18,20,21,24,29, 1925.
This was third film released in the series.
Much of the film was shot in Yosemite National Park.
Lucien Littlefield was 15 years older than his on-screen wife Martha Sleeper (who as actually only 15 at the time of filming.) Just sayin'.
What the experts say
"Seems like a whole lot of convenience going on in this!" ~ Lord Heath.

Lucien Littlefield
The groom
Walter Long
The sheriff
Martha Sleeper
Imogene, the bride
Jackie 'Husky' Hanes
The stolen baby
Noah Young
Kidnapper #1
B. Wayne Lamont
Kidnapper #2



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Dave Stevenson (print)
Bob Duncan (information regarding filming location)
Jorge Finkielman (lobby card)

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