Series: Snub Pollard

Director: William Watson
Producer: Hal Roach
Writer: William Watson

Stars: Snub Pollard, Marie Mosquini, Noah Young
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 12 February 1922
Length: 1 reel (silent short)
Production No.: H-93
Filming dates: October 12-19, 1921
Rating: 1/10

Stage Struck

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A group of well dressed gentlemen in top hats await outside the stage door to greet the women who turn up in cabs to enter the building. The third car is carrying Snub, whom the men, er.. snub, and the next car has a cop who falls into the road when he misses his step getting out. The cop gives chase to Snub who hides in amongst a group of dummies which have been places outside a store. When the cop rushes past it is revealed that the 'dummies' are actually the men from the theatre. They evade the cop and head back to the stage door entrance where a hefty woman gets out of a cab (Noah Young in disguise). He leads the men across the road and into a fake jail whilst Snub returns to escort the newly-arrived Madame du Barrymore into the building. She is uneasy with him being so close by and tries to avoid him. The policeman is also the stage manager, who comes to her rescue by dropping a weighted bag on Snub's head, sending him through the floor.
The show, 'Asleep In The Deep' begins in front of a packed audience but it only draws laughs from the crowd when Snub ruins it. Next up is 'The Battle of Punxsutawney, Alabama' with the actors posing as marching soldiers around a castle prop and then going back stage to change into military uniforms and re-emerging with guns. The stage and all the props fall apart and expose the calamity happening behind the scenes before Snub starts waving the Confederate flag proudly. The lighting man fires off popcorn and fireworks from the balcony to add realism to the sound of gunfire but it sends all the patrons fleeing in all directions. The stage manager grabs a hose and aims it at the audience in trying to extinguish the fire. The film ends shortly after this, with Snub falling through a trap door in the stage.

Favourite bit
Marie goes under the horse, Snub merely shoves it to one side...

Copyrighted February 8, 1922.
Previewed November 1921.
My opinion
What an absolutely boring piece of crap. I cannot believe people were actually entertained by this stuff back in the day. It's awful.

Snub Pollard
Marie Mosquini
Madame Du Barrymore
Noah Young
Stage manager/Constable
Jack O'Brien
Audience member
Sammy Brooks

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