Series: Snub Pollard

Director: George Jeske
Producer: Hal Roach
Titles: H.M. Walker
Photography: -
Editor: -

Stars: Snub Pollard, Blanche Mehaffey, James Finlayson, William Gillespie, Billy Engle, George Rowe
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 16 December 1923
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: D-31
Filming dates: September 4-13, 1923
Rating: 3/10

Fully Insured

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Snub is a clerk working in an exports office, with Blanche Mehaffey as a stenographer, James Finlayson as the foreman and William Gillespie as the boss. The boss arrives in a cab, along with his client Billy Engle and they go to his office where the boss offers the client a cigar but he angrily rejects it. The foreman tries to assist Snub in loading some crates but Snub manages to cause them to topple over onto the foreman's head. After a punch to the face, the foreman orders Snub to clear up the mess he has caused. An insurance agent arrives and hands out his leaflets to the staff. The boss tells him off for interrupting his meeting and the client smacks the guy in the face when he offers him a cigar. The client doesn't seem to like cigars!
The insurance man manages to interest Snub in signing up for the policy by convincing him he cannot be sacked from his work. Unfortunately for Snub, the foreman does fire him and orders the insurance salesman out of the building. The boss then tells the foreman to get all the workers on a job which requires them to ship an assignment of can openers to Detroit. The foreman explains that he has just fired Snub but the boss orders him to bring Snub back or else he will be fired as well. Snub is led by the insurance guy to a store, and then a garage downtown to seek employment but the foreman catches up with him to order him back to work. After some coercion, the foreman escorts Snub back to the office only to discover neither of them are needed anymore. The foreman and Snub form an unlikely alliance and look to use their insurance policies to get their jobs back - until a welfare officer shows up to take the salesman away, claiming he is actually a sick patient. The foreman takes Snub outside and throttles him.

Favourite bit
When Snub pushes the foreman over and then pulls down a load of sacks over his head just for good measure.

Copyrighted December 24, 1923.
This was probably originally production #C-125. Also listed as #PC-125.
Reissued August 29, 1926.
The cab driver who drives William Gillespie and Billy Engle to work at the beginning of the film looks very much like Ed Brandenburg but I have been assured by Richard W. Bann it is not him.
This was Blanche Mehaffey's first film for Hal Roach.
My opinion
Mind-numblingly tedious, boring, unfunny and utterly pointless.

Snub Pollard
Blanche Mehaffey
James Finlayson
William Gillespie
Herman J. Fink, the boss
Billy Engle
George Rowe
Insurance agent
Sammy Brooks
Office worker
Jack O'Brien
Office worker
Al Forbes
Mr. Oboe, warehouse worker
Martin Wolfkeil
Warehouse worker
Jack Gavin
Welfare officer
Sam Lufkin
Jack Ackroyd
Man in office (final scene)


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