Series: Charley Chase

Director: Jay A. Howe
Producer: Hal Roach
Titles: H.M. Walker

Stars: Charley Chase, Blanche Mehaffey, Lyle Tayo, Westcott Clarke
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 06 January 1924
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: D-28
Filming dates: August 15-23, 1923; retakes October 10, 1923
Rating: 7/10

At First Sight

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Jimmy Jump is a realtor who is having his shoes shined when one of the men tries to clean his hat using gasoline. Jimmy puts his hat on and discards a lighted match into the air after lighting a cigarette causing the hat to catch fire. After voicing his displeasure at having is $2 hat ruined, the man replaces the hat for Jimmy. An engaged dowager (Lyle Tayo) and her French maid Patricia (Blanche Mehaffey), pull up outside the bank in a convertible car. The dowager goes in to see her fiance (who happens to be Jimmy's boss) whilst the maid waits in the car. When a sudden downpour erupts from the skies Jimmy jumps down from the shoe-shine seat to help her pull the roof on to her open-top car. He is instantly attracted to her and the two swap identity cards - both of which are false. He hands her a card with his boss's name on, and she hands him a card which has her wealthy boss's name on.
Back at work, Jimmy daydreams about he and the maid owning their own home and having a family even to the point where he fails to recognise his boss seeking his attention. Completely flustered, Jimmy ruins two windows in the office before almost quitting his job. The boss steps in and provides some decent clothing for Jimmy so that he can go on a date with the girl he is infatuated with, but when Jimmy shows him the business card she gve to him earlier the boss sees that Jimmy is meeting up with his fiance and goes looking for him armed with a gun. Jimmy explains the error to his boss, who excuses him and promptly starts flirting with Jimmy's girl. This is seen by the boss's finace, who doesn't take kindly to the situation and chases him down the street.

Favourite bit
Nice stunt played by Charley Chase here with him sitting for a few seconds whilst his hat is on fire!

Copyrighted December 14, 1923.
This was the first film in which Charley Chase played his character Jimmy Jump, and was the first film in the new Charley Chase seies for Hal Roach.
When Charley and his girl stand on the street corner, the shop marquee above their heads has the name of Harry Culver on it.
Are we really to believe that throwing a pipe through a window from a distance of two feet could really smash the glass?
My opinion
Charley Chase's first starring role under contract with Hal Roach comes in this delightful one-reel comedy. It's a relatively straightforward plot, but hastily concluded. Worth 10 minutes out of your day to have a viewing of it though!

Charley Chase
Jimmy Jump
Blanche Mehaffey
Patricia Murphy,
the French maid
Lyle Tayo
Miss Hope Van Stutterford
Westcott Clarke
L.R. Grandy,
Jimmy's boss
Jack O'Brien
Sam Lufkin


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