All Parts
Hal Roach/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
2 reels

Series: Charley Chase
Released: 27 October 1928
Prod. No. C-15
Filming dates: July 27 - Aug. 6, 1928
My rating: -/10

Director: Hal Yates    Producer: Hal Roach    Photography: George Stevens    Editor: Richard C. Currier   

Cast: Charley Chase, Edgar Kennedy, Nena Quartero, Gale Henry, Max Davidson

Plot summary:

My opinion:
I haven't seen the film.

•Copyrighted October 27, 1928 & January 22, 1929.
•On August 24, 1928, H.M. Walker submitted a twelve page “Re-Edit” script for the titles included in this film, indicating he had rewritten some of them after previewing. He then appended a thirteenth page the morning of August 25 after a preview the night before. This document was viewed on eBay in February 2021, and the pages scanned by the seller indicate the following:
-In the upper left corner of the first page of the document is typed “Walker / Re-edit / Friday / August 24 / 1928.” And contains the main titles for the film:
Charley Chase
“All Parts”
Copyright MCMXXVIII in U.S.A.
By Metro-Goldwyn Mayer
All Rights Reserved Under International
Convention of Buenos Aires
Passed By the National Board of Review”
This page is also rubber-stamped in the upper left corner: “Picture / No._______/ O.K. / Walker”. In the blank next to “No.” “C-15.” Is typed in red. The designation “(Trademark)” would be the reclining Leo the Lion escutcheon of MGM, which usually appeared at the bottom of the first credit title in contemporary Hal Roach films.

Page 2 of this document contains the cast and production credits:
“With –
Edgar Kennedy
Nena Quartaro
Gale Henry
Max Davidson

Photographed by George Stevens
Edited by Richard Currier
Titles by H.M. Walker”
This document indicates Nena Quartaro’s name was misspelled in the credits. It is consistently misspelled this way throughout the document.

Page 3 begins with Title #5, indicating the opening scenes took place in a nightclub:
“5. The Club Lido - / Bright lights – Music – Laughter – Dancing - / Gayety –
6. Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy were celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary –
7. “I told you Charley would keep us waiting! – I’ve been half asleep for the last hour! – “ “
Although the speaker isn’t indicated in this script, presumably Title #7 was dialogue spoken by Mrs. Kennedy. Again, I’m reading into this text a little, but after the last word in Title #5, “Gayety,” the film likely showed a very unhappy Edgar Kennedy and Nena Quartero; this would be typical H.M.Walker irony. Title #8, presumably on this page, was not captured in the seller’s photograph.

Page 4 begins with Title #9:
“9. “ – I have a surprise for our anniversary – I’m going to have my face lifted – “
10. “ – This is another one of your bright ideas! – “
11. “ =- Her face isn’t the lifting kind! – I won’t stand for it! –
12. “ – I’m going to have my face lifted whether you like it or not! – “ “
These are all dialogue titles. Presumably, #s 9 and 12 are spoken by Mrs. Kennedy, #10 by Mr. Kennedy, and #11 either by Charley Chase or Mr. Kennedy.

The seller didn’t reproduce further extant pages of titles, (pages 5 through 11), so Titles #13 through 44 are omitted. Page 12 contains the concluding titles:
“45. “ – On second thought, I don’t believe you should have your face lifted – “
46. The End”

The document’s last page, 13, contains Walker’s brief notes after a preview on the same day the re-edited title script was submitted, Friday, August 24, 1928:
“C 15 / Charley Chase Directed by Yates / Subject – “All Parts” / NEARLY GOOD / Chase gets all possible out of a “heavy” story. Kennedy and Nena Quartaro also give good performances. / Walker / Saturday / August 25 / 1928.”

Walker’s appraisal of “nearly good” indicates a satisfactory film; he seldom rated a film better than “good.” The titles suggest this film may have reworked Chase’s MIGHTY LIKE A MOOSE, with cases of mistaken identity arising from plastic surgery. Possibly Max Davidson played the plastic surgeon, since such a role seems a good fit. The title “All Parts” also suggests Chase may have played multiple roles in the film, as he did in the 1934 FOUR PARTS, again possibly the comedic result of plastic surgery. This being a lost film, one can only speculate as to its cinematic worth, but it seems to be typical Chase material.
Cast identifications: Charley Chase – Charley; Edgar Kennedy – Mr. Kennedy, Nena Quartaro – Mrs. Kennedy, Gale Henry – unknown, possibly a plastic surgery patient?, Max Davidson – unknown, possibly the plastic surgeon.

Charley Chase
Edgar Kennedy
Mr. Kennedy
Nena Quartero
Mrs. Kennedy
Gale Henry
Max Davidson

Robert Winslow (notes, script details)

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