Clubs Are Trump
Series: Lonesome Luke Distribution: Rolin/Pathé Exchange  Director: Hal Roach  Cinematography: ?
Production: A-37 Type: Silent short Producer: Hal Roach  Editor: ?
Released: 18 November 1917 Length: 2-reels Titles: H.M. Walker


The local park is full of courting couples, some whom are playing hard to get, some whom are over-excited.  Snub (Pollard) is seated on a bench eating some nuts when (Lonesome) Luke (Harold Lloyd) keeps nicking them every time Snub looks away [see left image].  Some pushing and shoving between them attracts the attention of a baton-holding policeman before they move on.
Harold sits down next to a courting couple and tries to win the attention of the young lady but her boyfriend (Harry Todd) objects strongly to his behaviour.  Likewise, Snub receives the same level of hostility from another suitor on a different bench when he attempts to communicate with another girl (Marie Mosquini).  The two men decide to change places with one another but are again unwelcomed by the girls' boyfriends who resort to physical interventions.  In particular Bud Jamison takes to extreme measures by throwing both men into a lake!
The two wet men get out and rest up on a park bench where they fall asleep and dream of being cavemen.

  Favourite bit

Production A-37 - Lonesome Luke series.
Copyrighted October 20, 1917.

Filming dates
April 9-25, April 30, May 1 and May 9, 1917.

Released as part of the Lonesome Luke series, the film had a variation of titles: Lonesome Luke In When Clubs Are Trump / Lonesome Luke In Clubs Are Trumps.
There are five courting couples on the benches in the park at the beginning.
At one point Harold Lloyd and Snub Pollard are seen arm-in-arm in the park.  A bit odd?
When Bud Jamison throws Harold Lloyd into the lake, it was quite a risky stunt because of the shallow water, considering Harold did a front dive!

What the experts say

Harold Lloyd
Lonesome Luke
Snub Pollard
Bebe Daniels
Girl on bench with Bud Jamison
Marie Mosquini
Girl on bench with Fred Newmeyer
Fred C. Newmeyer
Man on bench with Marie
Bud Jamison
Man on bench with cigar
Harry Todd
Man on park bench
Nina Speight
Woman with policeman/
Vampire dancer cavewoman
David Voorhees
Tall caveman
  Gilbert Pratt
  Billy Fay
  Sammy Brooks
  Virginia Baynes
  Ruth Rowan
  Grace McLernon
  Ruth Churchill


Cinematik (print used)
Jesse Brisson (identification of some actors including Harry Todd and David Voorhees)

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