05 June 1943
20th Century Fox
sound feature
75 minutes


Director: Malcolm St. Clair  Producer: Sol M. Wurtzel  Screenplay: Scott Darling
Cinematography: Lucien N. Andriot  Editor: Norman Colbert  Art directors: James Basevi, Chester Gore


Laurel and Hardy are driving their T-Ford car along a lonely, dusty road in the middle of a desert, pulling their wagon behind them when they run out of gas.  An apologetic Stan takes the blame for their sudden predicament.  The boys get out of the steaming car when Stan notices a couple of skeletons by the side of the road.  Envisioning the bones to be themselves if their situation doesn't improve soon, Stan fetches a glass of water from the trailer.
In the blistering heat, everywhere Ollie attempts to sit results in him burning his rear end.  Stan pulls out a telescope and sees a burnt-on (Ford) insignia on Ollie's pants before spotting a gas station in the distance.  Unfortunately when they get there (with a little help from a goat), the station is closed.  The boys try to flag down a couple of passing motorists, but to no avail.

  Favourite bit

•Filmed February 15 - late March 1943.
•The opening scenes of the film was filmed in the desert of Palm Dale, California, USA.  The trees seen in the scene are joshua trees.
•Stan looks through a large telescope and sees Ollie's pants.  This wasn't the first time Stan had appeared with a large telescope on-screen.  Seven years earlier the boys appeared in a short promotional film which was affectionately named Galaxy Of Stars.
•The music played over the opening credits is called "I've Gotta See For Myself".

Did you notice?
•Ollie utters the famous phrase "well here's another nice mess you've gotten me into" after their car breaks down in the desert.  The line comes just after 2 minutes into the film.  Maybe that is a record?
•The printed signs on the L&H trailer are "A Syphony In A Nutshell", "Original Zoot Suit Band" and "We Play For Victory".
•The license plate on the trailer is 125318.
•After Stan looks through the telescope he sees the "Ford" insignia burnt into Ollie's pants.  In reverse, the sign appears to read "Brat".

Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
Vivian Blaine
Susan Cowan
Robert Bailey
Chester Wright
Douglas Fowley
Malcolm Bennett
Noel Madison
Tony Queen
Lee Patrick
Robert Emmett Keane
Henry Corcoran
Francis Ford
Skeptical old timer
Charles Halton
Samuel L. Cass
Chick Collins
Henchman Joe Taylor
Charlie Phillips
Dance hall bouncer
Anthony Caruso
Jimmy Conlin
Barker for bearded lady
DVD screencapture - Lord Heath - Laurel & Hardy - Another Nice Mess - http://www.lordheath.com/ Virginia De Luce
Carnival dancer
Bert Moorhouse
Third henchman
Carl M. Leviness
Hotel clerk's assistant
  Gladys Blake
Dice game operator
  Harrison Greene
Angry carnival patron
  Chet Brandenburg
Carnival worker

"From The Forties Forward" by Scott MacGillivray (book)
Joe Davis (colorized title card)
Brent Seguine (help identifying Carl M. Leviness)
Jesse Brisson (idenitifaction of Charlie Phillips)

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