The Flivver
Series: Paul Parrott Distribution: Pathé  Director: Jay A. Howe  Cinematography: ?
Production: C-64 Type: Silent short Producer: Hal Roach  Editor: ?
Released: 26 November 1922 Length: 1-reel


Basically, two men compete to reach a young lady before the other. In one car we have Paul (James Parrott), who has his car delivered to him in a crate, which he unpacks and assembles in a car-like fashion; and his rival suitor George Rowe, who eagerly tries to find a quicker route to the waiting lady. Along the way, Paul gets a tow from other vehicles, including a streetcar, whilst George tries desperately to enlist taxi drivers to get him to his destination. After several failed attempts to get into a taxi, the rival does eventually find someone (Eddie Baker) who is willing to drive him to where he needs to go.
Both men arrive at the lady's house at approximately the same time and she gets into George's car. It seems that the rival has won, but for a bump of his car with Paul's, which catapults the lady from one car to the other. The rival's driver laughs at the farce (despite having his vehicle bumped) and the rival angrily protests as Paul drives off in his flivver with the lady.

Favourite bit
There is a nice scene where James Parrott gets his hands on a large magnet, which unfortunately for him attaches itself to everything metal along the way, including parts of his car.

Production C-64 - Hal Roach series with Paul Parrott.
Copyrighted December 14, 1922.
Filming dates
August 15-19, 1922.
Also listed for November 29, 1922.
Two sources were used to construct the footage I have from the film, which is still incomplete. I have uploaded my version to my YouTube channel.
A "flivver" is a cheap car, in generally poor condition.
On the back of the streetcar there is a sign which says "Pay as you enter rear end". Sounds rather anal to me.
What the experts say
"comments here" ~ Source here.

James Parrott
Jobyna Ralston
The girl
George Rowe
The rival
Eddie Baker
Car driver
William Gillespie
Car driver stopped by officer
Sammy Brooks
Taxi passenger

The following scenes were shot on location

Dave Glass (help with footage) (extra footage)

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