Series: Snub Pollard

Director: Alfred J. Goulding
Producer: Hal Roach

Stars: Snub Pollard, Marie Mosquini, Ernest Morrison
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 26 June 1921
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: H-65
Filming dates: February 21-26, 1921
Rating: 2/10

The High Rollers

People arrive at a roller-skating rink and join in with others who are already rolling around. A couple of impressive stunts are performed by some acrobatic skaters before one skater (SAMMY BROOKS) falls out of line and into a chair. He gets chatty with what appears to be a midget woman (the grainy copy of the film is hard to make out). They make their way out onto the floor but both fall over each other as the young boy (ERNEST MORRISON) looks on and laughs at them. Snub pushes his car out of his garage and then attaches the headlamps to it whilst it's on the sidewalk but the car won't start. Snub sees a couple (GEORGE ROWE and MARIE MOSQUINI) about to get into their own car and tries to hitch a ride but they refuse him so Snub grabs something from their car, attaches it to his feet and hangs on to the back of the car as they drive off. The occupants of the car try to shake him off by driving through a park. Snub flies off the back of their car and through the turnstiles into the skating rink where he lands on a woman's hat, destroying it. George and Marie arrive at the rink and Snub recognises them straight away and gets into a smacking exchange with George. The lady whose hat was destroyed returns to sit down and this time it's George who ruins it. Then Marie - then Ernie.
The captain of the Asthma ship (EDDIE BOLAND) sits on deck playing with his cargo of monkeys when one of them clubs him over the head and escapes. Two monkeys head for the streets where they rob a man of his skates (yes, seriously) and then head for the skating rink (they obviously knew where it was). After gaining easy access one of the monkeys sits down with Snub, Marie and George. George runs off when he notices, soon followed by Marie. Snub also makes a break for it but then hands the monkey a hammer after hitting Ernie over the head with it from behind. We then see Mark Jones spinning around in circles??? The police are called and after a commotion Snub emerges with two black eyes and the monkeys are led away. Snub proposes to Marie (with a title card that is unreadable) but she rejects him so Snub invites Ernie to hit him over the head with the mallet. The End.

Favourite bit
As stupid as it is, and not that you can see a whole lot from this blurry image, but it's when the monkey runs straight into the brick wall whilst trying on his roller skates. Absolutely ridiculous.

Copyrighted June 3, 1921.
The ship that arrives from Denver is called the Asthma.
My opinion
Somebody please remind me again why I waste my time watching, reviewing and screencapping shit like this?

Snub Pollard
Marie Mosquini
The girl
Ernest Morrison
Skating rink porter
Sammy Brooks
Mark Jones
Drunk at skating rink
James T. Kelley
George Rowe
Love rival
Eddie Baker
Noah Young
Woman at skating rink

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