Cash Customers
Series: Snub Pollard Distribution: Roloin/Pathé  Director: Alfred J. Goulding  Cinematography: ?
Production: H-50 Type: Silent short Producer: Hal Roach  Editor: ?
Released: 05 December 1920 Length: 1-reel


Snub Pollard (sans moustache) and Hughie Mack are tenants sharing a bed in a small hotel. They wake up at 6am and prepare breakfast with two eggs which are taken out of Snub's jacket pocket and put into a coffee perculator. The landlady (Vera White) storms up the stairs when she smells the coffee being made and demands that the janitor (Earl Mohan) break down the tenants' door with a pick-axe. The two men make their escape from the room via the fire escape and re-enter through the landlady's daughter's window. They are pursued by the janitor out into the yard before the men run off into town. They enter a clothing store and as they congratulate each other on their lucky escape the manager approaches them thinking they are his new clerks and puts them to work.
First customer is Marie Mosquini who has come into the store to buy some shoes. A tussle takes place between Snub and another clerk who attempts to serve her. When Snub takes off her shoe he realises she has a hole in her stockings. The quick-thinking assistant (Ernest Morrison) gives Snub some black shoe polish, which Snub smears over the lady's big toe to conceal the hole. When the two real clerks turn up at the store the cops are called. They arrive and attempt to escort Snub away but he eludes them and even causes the police to fight among themselves. Outside the store the woman customer catches up with Snub (in drag) but she is taken away by an asylum officer who is out looking for her. Snub decides that as he himself now is homeless his only security would be to stay at the city jail so he assaults a policeman and is arrested for his troubles.

Favourite bit
The cops who spot their colleague acting like a squirrel. (You need to see the film to understand this remark!)

Production H-50 - Hal Roach series with Snub Pollard.
Copyrighted January 18, 1921.
Filming dates
September 27, and October 1-9, 1920.
At least one source claims Harry Bernard is in the film. Seeing as Bernard didn't begin working for Hal Roach until 1928 - eight years after this film was made.... well, you do the math. And I bet you can guess which source makes the erroneous claim too.
This was the first film Vera White appeared in for Hal Roach. She would go on to star in over 40 more films for Roach. Incidentally, the clothes she wears in this film can also be seen on her in the Eddie Boland film, A Straight Crook (1921).
Marie Mosquini's first scene is after 5 minutes, despite her second billing in the film.
I am thinking that the landlady's daughter is so ugly it has to be a guy playing the role.

What the experts say
"Nothing special. Just your average Snub Pollard movie." ~ Lord Heath.

Snub Pollard
The chap
Marie Mosquini
The chick
Hughie Mack
Fat tenant
Wallace Howe
Store manager
Ernest Morrison
Store assistant
Vera White
Earl Mohan




Dave Glass (help)
Jesse Brisson (identification of Wallace Howe)

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