Series: Snub Pollard

Director: Charles Parrott
Producer: Hal Roach

Stars: Snub Pollard,
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 30 October 1921
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: H-79
Filming dates:
Rating: 6/10

Fifteen Minutes

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Snub is carrying large boxes along the street with his vision impaired due to their size.  He grabs hold of a lady's scarf believing it to be that of his wife's until he realises the woman is a complete stranger. Snub finds his wife (MARIE MOSQUINI) and complains that his feet hurt from walking all day so she tells him to rest up for fifteen minutes whilst she goes shopping.
As Snub rests on a bench he is hit by a deluge of water from above by a woman (VERA WHITE) who doesn't initially see him. In a rather bizarre turn of events, she then throws a metal tub at him, breaking it (why??) Her husband (NOAH YOUNG) feels fit to then confront Snub over the incident and chases him down the street until he runs into a policeman. Snub hides behind a fence and takes a cheap shot at the husband with an ax-hammer (yes, seriously) but hits the unseen-to-him policeman instead. The cop chases Snub down the street but Snub gives him the slip, only to find himself at the mercy of two other cops (WILLIAM GILLESPIE and Unidentified), who join in the pursuit.
Snub finds a moment of respite when he poses as a display dummy outside a store, but doesn't realise there is a policeman standing next to him [see favourite bit]. The chase continues with Snub stealing a tandem bicycle and riding off down the street, not seeing that a policeman is on the back seat (how could you not notice?) Snub acrobatically dives off the bicycle as the cop goes into a vat of whitewash (what is it with so much whitewash in these films?!) Snub then tries his luck hooking up onto the back of a passing truck only to find it is a police truck with the two officers he encountered earlier riding on it.
The truck runs over a tack and gets a puncture, but swift old Snub is quick to leap from it and into the back of another passing vehicle. It's got "convenience" written all over it!
After jumping over a fence and falling down a big hole, Snub continues his "journey", and running into the angry husband (Young), whom he surprisingly pushes into a fence with ease. Snub steals a car and drives off before coming off a wooden bridge and into a river. When he gets out of the water he finds himself in a field where four men are shooting at a target. To make matters worse, a large bear takes it upon itself to cause Snub more anxiety by following him first into a barrel and then up a tree.
Snub makes his escape before encountering the angry husband (what, again? How come he is always ahead of Snub in the film?) The bear follows until Snub finds a washing line on a farm and dresses into the clothes hanging there. Snub takes a lie down in a field (because that's what you do when a bear is chasing you, apparently) only to find a hunter (GEORGE ROWE) taking a shot at a rabbit which is close by. The angry husband shows up (again) and chases Snub off down the street and onto a streetcar, and then onto a building site where Snub takes a shortcut to the roof via a lift. The two men have an altercation on the roof before Snub makes his way down, followed by the husband, who grabs Snub and punches him so hard he falls off the roof of another building and lands on the ground in blackface! He then runs off as the film ends.

Favourite bit
I have to admit, I had to watch this scene twice because I simply didn't see it the first time around. A clever gag where Snub is clearly seen in the shot with another man, but it's only after they break character that you actually noticed them!

Copyrighted October 12, 1921.
The version on the "Found At Mostly Lost" DVD is missing a substantial mount of footage. The complete version of the film was assembled by myself and Dave Glass using four different source prints to make the whole film.
Noah Young's character is that of a lazy, idle bully.  And what about Snub?  I lost count of the number of things he stole during the film!
• Anybody else wonder how Snub conveniently got his hands on an ax-hammer?
• The car that Snub jumps into the back of parks illegally because it is on a bend.
• When Snub's car goes off the bridge and into the river there is a "Road Closed" sign on the front, but this makes no sense.  If he had hit the sign then the lettering would be facing the car and not facing the camera.
• George Rowe with a shotgun? It doesn't bear thinking about it.

My opinion
One of Snub's better films.

Snub Pollard
Marie Mosquini
Snub's wife
Vera White
Woman at window
Noah Young
Window woman's husband
William Gillespie
Second policeman
Wallace Howe
Man shooting target
Jack O'Brien
Man shooting target
Sammy Brooks
Short man at picnic
George Rowe
Mark Jones
Streetcar conductor


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Tommie Hicks (help)
Chris Bungo and John Bengston (identification of locations)
Jesse Brisson, Jim Clewer (identification of cast)
Dave Glass (extra footage)

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