Series: Snub Pollard

Director: Charles Parrott
Producer: Hal Roach
Titles: H.M. Walker
Photography: Robert Doran

Stars: Snub Pollard, Marie Mosquini
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 01 April 1923
Length: 2 reels
Production No.: B-5
Filming dates: June 27 - July 7, 1922
Rating: -/10

Where Am I?

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The groom (Snub Pollard) and his bride (Marie Mosquini) are driving along with her mother (Molly Thompson) in the back of the car. Marie remarks that if only Snub was to treat the mother nice then she'll most likely stay with them for a long time, maybe even move in with them!! Snub sees a garden sprinkler in operation and pulls over to the side of the road just so that it can get the mother wet, who is unsheltered in the back of the car. He then drives her to a railroad crossing where she is hoisted up in the air by the barrier, before being driven to a warehouse and having boxes fall onto her head! I guess he doesn't like her much then? The next morning Marie and her mother are chatting at the breakfast table whilst Snub reads in the newspaper of how a man lost his memory, and then jokingly suggests to his wife that he wished there was a way that mother could lose hers. Marie gets some biscuits she has recently baked with talcum powder out of the oven but when they are placed on the table the whole thing crashes onto the floor due to the weight.
Snub goes into the bedroom and starts dressing in his wife's clothes whilst Marie tells her mother that Snub has lost his mind, much like the man in the newspaper; she then goes to fetch a doctor. Snub also slips out of the house and drives into town and is pursued by a group of men in a limousine. Elsewhere, the Schmaltz family are in discussion over their daughter Matilda (Vera White) and how her parents want her to get married even if it takes a bonus to be offered to a potential suitor just to take her off their hands! In town Snub helps himself to some letters from the back of a postman's satchel and finds one that advises the intended recipient they have been successful in their job application as a cloakroom attendent and to report immediately for work.
Snub is told by the manager of the hotel that there is no pay but he gets to keep all the tips he receives from the guests. Unfortunately for him, he has to share the cloakroom with the burly Schmaltz (Noah Young), who makes Snub do all the work whilst he rests in a comfy armchair. Without warning, about two dozen guests all converge on the cloakroom wanting their hats to be checked in and Snub has to deal with all of them at the same time whilst Schmaltz sits on his lazy arse reading a newspaper. Finally Snub snaps. Not only with Schmaltz but also a guest's cane which the guest has come to collect from the cloakroom. Snub storms out but Schmaltz goes looking for him after having to deal with the irate guest and having handed him some money to compensate him the broken cane. Snub and Schmaltz return to the cloakroom where Schmaltz threatens to beat up Snub but instead asks if he is married? Snub, with his loss of memory says no and when Schmaltz offers him a photo of his sister (Vera White) they excitedly leave the hotel to go back to Schmaltz's house for them to be introduced. Moments later and the two are engaged to be married!
The next day the wedding takes place (wow, that was quick!) at the bride's home, and after learning about it on the front page of the morning's newspaper (this was apparently worthy of being headline news?), Marie and her mother barge into the reception to halt the ceremony, with her claiming to already be Snub's wife.
The ladies are ejected from the house but Marie sneaks back in with a plate of her concrete-biscuits. Snub takes one bite and remembers where they came from and then sees his wife by the window; grabs her and together they fall out and down to the ground [see favourite bit]. The minister arrives for the wedding but the ladies distract him by telling the family have moved away. Marie then kidnaps the would-be bride and a car chase ensues. Eventually Snub ends up with his real wife and even gets a hug from his forgiving mother-in-law. Yuk!

Favourite bit
Towards the end when Snub realises his real wife (Marie Mosquini) is standing at the window, he rushes towards her and in his momentum they both fall out of the window!

Copyrighted February 26, 1923.
Released on the same day as Harold Lloyd's "Safety Last!"
When Snub is driving through town he passes the same billboard twice.
There is a whole section of the film missing from the DVD print from Looser Than Loose.
My opinion
I don't know how many times I have said this, but when you have seen one Snub Pollard film, you really have seen them all!

Snub Pollard
Young husband
Marie Mosquini
Blushing bride
Molly Thompson
Blushing mother-in-law
Noah Young
Schmaltz son
[character billed as "Hard egg (hammered and reinforced)"]
Vera White
[character billed as "the mossy side of 40"]
Helen Gilmore
Mrs. Schmaltz
Sammy Brooks
Hotel guest who collects hat
Jack O'Brien
Hotel guest/


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