Series: Snub Pollard

Director: Alfred J. Goulding
Producer: Hal Roach
Titles: H.M. Walker

Stars: Snub Pollard, Mildred Davis, Eddie Boland, Marie Mosquini
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 09 November 1919
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: H-3
Filming dates: September 12-16, 1919
Rating: 4/10

Call For Mr. Caveman
Well, as the title suggests, this story takes place long ago when caveman ruled the earth - and the women on it. A reluctant species of which is won over by an amorous caveman waving his huge club around, whilst caveman Eddie Boland takes on Marie Mosquini. "Hatchet Face" (Snub Pollard) is writing a letter (mallet and stone style) to his loved one and gives it to the mail man, who in turn takes it away on his cart. Nearby, the village chiropodist breaks up a caveman trying to seduce one of his many daughters and fights with him. "Adorable" Mildred Davis becomes the centre of desire between Boland and Pollard, and they fight each other for her hand.
In doing so they stumble upon a giant of a man who intimidates them both to the point where the two rivals join hands and skip off down the track together! (see favourite bit). The giant chases after them and roughs them up, and the two men play dead until a black child (Ernest Morrison) wanders by and laughs at them. Meanwhile the giant strolls into the cave and kidnaps one of the women, despite her father clubbing him over the head repeatedly. The father offers the reward of marriage to the man who brings back his daughter from the brute who stole her. Eddie and Snub set off to do so but find the kid has beaten them to the job and he is brought back to the cave by the daughter who is told to choose between the men. She chooses the giant, who then disposes of Snub and Eddie in a ditch where a prowling lion rips them to shreds. The giant caveman claims the woman and props the small boy on his shoulder in celebration.

Favourite bit
Moments after fighting one another, Snub Pollard and Eddie Boland encounter a larger man who asserts his physical authority over them. The two men then join hands and skip off merrily together in a sudden change of pace which is rather comical!

Copyrighted November 1, 1919.
The mail man tosses a rock post card to Hatchet Face (Pollard), and says to him that Carrie Nation sends her regrets. The pun is the connection between 'hatchet face' and Carrie Nation, the hatchet woman. Ms. Nation died 8 years before this movie in 1911, but her name and reputation was still fresh in the minds of motion picture audiences. Long before prohibition of booze went mainstream with the women of America Carrie Nation was a one-woman army fighting the evils of alcohol. She was famous for wielding a hatchet that she would swing wildly in taverns in an attempt to destroy them. Old Hatchet Face was so ugly that even Carrie Nation wouldn't swing her hatchet his way.
The message carved into the stone by Snub Pollard reads, "Deertest meat me tonite at the usual place - yore own troal Hatchet Face".
My opinion
Nothing special.

Snub Pollard
Hatchet Face
Mildred Davis
Marie Mosquini
Eddie Boland
Ernest Morrison
Henry Hercules
William Gillespie
Girl's father
Noah Young
The original John Smith
Sammy Brooks
Nina Speight
First cavewoman
Hazel Powell


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Acknowledgements: [trivia] (Jimbo Berkey)
Dave Glass (review print)
Jesse Brisson (identification of Hazel Powell, Sammy Brooks, Noah Young, Nina Speight)

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