Series: 'Hunky' Dorrey

Director: Tay Garnett, George Jeske
Producer: Hal Roach

Stars: Earl Mohan, Billy Engle, Sammy Brooks, Katherine Grant
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 25 October 1925
Length: 2 reels
Production No.: D-61
Filming dates: April 14-19., 1924
Rating: 2/10

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The two new tailors (Earl Mohan and Billy Engle), who have had years of experience as plumbers have an angry customer (Sammy Brooks) in their shop. Well, he wasn't angry until incompetent Billy ran a hot iron over him and burnt him. The small guy does his nut and storms out of the shop as a new customer enters and demands his suit is cleaned and the moths in it are shot! He undresses behind a screen as Earl presses some clothes in the tight environment.
A would-be actress (Katherine Grant) enters the shop and the two men vie enthusiastically for position to deal with her. She wants a morning coat for evening wear but isn't happy with the first one she is offered and asks to see it being worn by a 'model'. Earl happily obliges her by donning it and parading around the shop wearing it (he looks ridiculous) before Billy instructs his partner to measure her up. Earl calls out the measurements and proclaims her to have a four-inch waist. Billy takes the tape measure and tries for himself but then hands it back to Earl who then gives a reading of 4'9½" (after wrapping the tape around a hook by accident, making her waist seem larger). A beefy customer enters the store with his wide-framed wife and asks for a skirt. Billy gets out the tape measure and gulps at the sheer size of the woman's waistline.
Billy sprinkles some talcum powder onto a seat and gets the large woman to sit down so that he can measure the size of her oversized rear by the imprint she leaves!!  Another customer comes in to collect his britches for his wife (strangely enough played by 300lbs actor Martin Wolfkeil) but she (he) refuses to wear them and storms off out, taking the door with her (him)!!
A cross-eyed customer comes rushing into the store with a dog attached to his coat and has to be cut free.  He claims the dog thought he was mocking him!  The guys offer to repair the damage to the man's trousers and so patch it with a piece of cloth and some glue and send him on his way.  The guy who came into have his suit cleaned earlier is revealed to be wearing his tuxedo but is looks tiny on his 6ft+ frame and he chases the tailors out of the shop and into a warehouse (actually the Hal Roack Back Lot).  He escapes and manages to stand completely still under the only rope anywhere to be seen and is somehow hoisted up into the air and out of the way by the victorious tailors.
But of course, as they let go of the rope to shake hands in their celebration, the man comes crashing down on their heads.  And that's it.

Favourite bit
"Toodles" (Martin Wolfkeil in drag) really didn't want to wear the britches, so abruptly left the shop... and didn't let a little obstacle like a door stop him!

Copyrighted October 8, 1925.
The DVD from Looser Than Loose is missing the credit roll at the beginning plus the opening intertitle card.
The shop being named "Dorrey And Dubbs Tailors" – evidently, Mohan and Engle's characters in the series were named "Hunky" Dorrey and "Dinky" Dubbs.
When Billy begins to measure Katherine for the coat, why does Earl Mohan look so stiff? Awful 'acting'. Later, after Martin Wolfkeil storms out of the shop Billy and Earl fall to the ground. Earl Mohan's acting is even worse here!
In the close-up of the dog's face you can see there is an animated overlap on his eyes, as it moves inconsistently with the movement of the dog in the frame.
When Katherine Grant first enters the shop and asks for a coat, Billy Engle takes a coat off a stand. The pattern on the stand has two rather risqué patterns on it in a very revealing position.
There are a total of eight customers during the film.
My opinion
I genuinely cannot understand how Hal Roach saw anything even remotely funny in giving Earl Mohan his own series of films. Fortunately, this was the last one.

Earl Mohan
Billy Engle
Sammy Brooks
Short angry customer
Katherine Grant
Ambitious actress
Richard Daniels
Customer with Toodles
Martin Wolfkeil
Dick Gilbert
Customer with large wife
Al Ochs
Charlie Hall
Dog attack victim

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