A One Mama Man
Series: Charley Chase Distribution: Pathé Exchange  Director: James Parrott  Cinematography: ?
Production: B-17 Type: Silent short Producer: Hal Roach  Editor: ?
Released: 06 March 1927 Length: 2-reels Titles: H.M. Walker


The film starts on a boat with Charley and some ladies having fun.  He gets up and walks off to sit on a deck chair when another guy comes along and kicks the legs off the chair.  Charley punches the man in the face, sending him hurtling into some chairs.  A seaman (this could be Ham Kinsey?) delivers Charley a telegram and Charley tells him he is spoilt for choice over which invitation he should choose.
One of the ladies on board the boat, Miss Glutz (Gale Henry) begins to engage in conversation with a fellow on deck when a sailor (Chet Brandenburg) comes by ringing the dinner bell, causing her to freeze on account of a previous car accident where she is shocked into a trance by the sound of a bell.  Determined to take Charley's photograph, she gets into position to take his picture when the sound of the bell causes her to freeze again as Charley patiently waits.  Her mother (I am assuming it's her mother?) informs Charley of the situation and eventually Miss Glutz takes his photo.
We are introduced to "The Girl" (Eugenia Gilbert) who is at home, bored and being 'entertained' by her suitor (Vernon Dent) playing the piano.  Her well-to-do parents are delighted to note that Count Tosky (Chase) has consented to be their guest.  Well, the mother is excited, at least!  The father (Burr McIntosh) is not so.

  Favourite bit

Production B-17 - Charley Chase series.
Copyrighted February 14, 1927.

Filming dates
November 26 & November 30 - December 6 & December 29, 1926.

Upon hearing the bell a second time Gale Henry goes cross-eyed.  It must have been a trait of hers because she does the same thing in another Chase short, Skip The Maloo! (1931).  The shots of her are inconsistent in terms of continuity.  The close-up shots show her cross-eyed whereas the long shots show a slightly different pose.  These were obvioulsy two different takes spliced together for the film.

What the experts say
• "Not as well known as some of his later silent films, "A One Mama Man" is one of Chase's best comedies, aided immeasurably by a great supporting cast, including Gale Henry and Vernon Dent." - Brian Anthony, March 2016 - exclusive blurb for Another Nice Mess.

Charley Chase
Willie Shoemaker/
Count Tosky
Eugenia Gilbert
The girl
Gale Henry
Miss Glutz
Vernon Dent
Burr McIntosh
Edgar Dearing
Reception committee henchman
Harry Tenbrook
Head of Reception Committee
Chet Brandenburg
Sailor with triangle

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