Series: Charley Chase

Director: James Parrott, George Jeske
Producer: Hal Roach
Titles: H.M. Walker

Stars: Charley Chase, Blanche Mehaffey, Noah Young
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 03 February 1924
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: D-39
Filming dates: October 5-9, 1923
Rating: 6/10

Just A Minute


Jimmy Jump (Charley Chase) is a charasmatic, sure of himself automobile salesman who is about to get married. His bride (Blanche Mehaffey) has parted from her would-be suitor, leaving him dispondent. En route to the church to get the marriage licence, Charley's boss asks him to parade the local mayor (Noah Young) around town in a new car. The reluctant Chase does so after being assured it will be "an easy sale", leaving his stranded bride on the sidewalk for "just a minute". After the tour, the mayor asks Chase if his wife can also get the same treatment. This is followed by the mayor's request to have the whole family taken for the same ride.
As the bride patiently waits on the street corner for Chase, the mayor gets his driver to take them to a secluded grassy area so that the family can have a picnic! To add insult to injury, one of the kids asks Charley for a hammer so that he can pin up a paper target - on his car's tire. When Charley takes exception to this, he gets a punch in the mouth from the father.  The brat kid continues to harrass poor Charley by catapulting a rock through his windshield and repeateldy aiming rocks at his hat. Eventually the boy gets his comeuppance when an intended shot at Charley's hat misses and hits his father by mistake.  The boy is then spanked silly.
At the end of the day, after the car is wrecked, Charley drops the family home and asks the mayor for his opinion. The mayor isn't interested. Charley's boss promptly fires him after he sees the state of the car. If things couldn't get any worse, Charley looks up to see his impatient bride has just got married to her previous suitor at the church across the street.

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Copyrighted January 9, 1924.
This was the third film to be released in the Charley Chase series for Hal Roach. However, it was filmed before "One Of The Family".
The print of the film made available for the DVD release (on "Becoming Charley Chase") is not the best quality in existence. A much better print of the film does exist, but despite negotiations between the DVD producers and the owner of the better print, it has not been made available for commerical use.
There are 30 intertitle cards during the film (they are all listed below).
The mayor has five children - and a dog.
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Charley Chase
Jimmy Jump
Blanche Mehaffey
Patricia, the bride
Noah Young
Helen Gilmore
Caroline, the Mayor's wife
Clyde E. Hopkins
Rejected suitor


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