Series: Snub Pollard

Director: Alf Goulding
Producer: Hal Roach

Stars: Snub Pollard, Ernest Morrison
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 06 June 1920
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: H-33
Filming dates: April 12-18, 1920
Rating: 3/10

You're Pinched

The angry fat police chief tells his officers to get out and pinch anyone for speeding in order to bring in some revenue. The motorcycle cops all mount their motorcycles and set off on the road. Officer Snub (billed as 'the dandy') hides behind a bush waiting to pounce on any motorist he can snag before jumping on his bike to flag down another motorcylist to issue him a ticket. Nearby a kid on a tricycle (Ernest Morrison) is given a jug containing liquor to deliver to a local establishment where several customers stop by for an illegal drink. The men use a secret knock on the door and are handed a small glass through a hatch in the door, all under the watchful eye of Snub who hides around the corner. After the fourth gentleman has been served Snub decides to intervene. He knocks on the door but is knocked over the head with a batton through the hatch.
A bunch of people are dancing inside the 'Speak Easy' when a couple of guys bring in a large crate from outside, not realising that Snub is hiding inside it. When Snub lifts up the lid from inside everybody in the room quickly transforms the place into a fake place of worship. Snub gets out of the crate and even joins in the prayers whilst the guy next to him falls asleep. The service comes to an abrupt end when the sleeping man starts exhaling the smoke he has inhaled from another 'worshipper'. Snub extinguishes the fire by squirting water onto the man's face who then wakes up and threatens him with a knife. Snub gets chased around the room for ages in a scene that is incredibly boring to watch. They fall to the floor and fight whilst others attempt to break them up but to no avail. Eventually Snub surrenders but when the man begins boasting Snub begins beating the living shit out of him! The cops come by, take the man away and Snub is thanked by a woman, her husband and their six kids!

Favourite bit
After taking a beating and then surrendering, Snub suddenly springs to life and kicks the absolute crap out of Bob O'Conor! Didn't see that coming!

Copyright date is unknown.
Also listed for July 10, 1920.
The print of the film I used for review was very poor and washed out but I think I made out Bob O'Conor as the leader of the Speak Easy.
My opinion
Typical Snub Pollard borefest and with the exception of the unexpected ending this was as bland as vanilla ice cream and as tasteless as a cup of tea.

Snub Pollard
The Dandy
Ernest Morrison
Kid on tricycle
Bob O'Conor
Speak Easy patron
Eddie Boland
Speak Easy patron
Marie Mosquini
Speak Easy patron
Hughie Mack
Police chief
Chris Lynton


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Dave Glass (help)
John Benson (help finding print)
Steve Massa (identification of Hughie Mack)
Jesse Brisson (identification of Chris Lynton and suspected ID of Ernest Morrison Sr, which I am not confident about)

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