You're Pinched
Series: Snub Pollard Distribution: Pathé  Director: ?  Cinematography: ?
Production: H-33 Type: Silent short Producer: Hal Roach  Editor: ?
Released: 06 June 1920 Length: 1-reel


The fat police chief angrily dismisses his squad from the headquarters and the cops all mount their motorcycles and set off on the road. Snub, hiding behind a small bush witnesses them drive past him and tries to get on his own bike which fails to start. Eventually and after a lot of aggressive effort the bike fires into life and Snub shoots off on it. He catches up to the eight officers and stops them to issue a speeding ticket to them all.
Nearby a kid on a tricycle (Ernest Morrison) is given a jug containing liquor to deliver to a local establishment where several customers stop by for an illegal drink. The men use a secret knock on the door and are handed a small glass through a hatch in the door, all under the watchful eye of Snub who hides around the corner. After the fourth gentleman has been served Snub decides to intervene. He knocks on the door but is knocked over the head with a batton through the hatch....

Production H-33 - Rolin series with Snub Pollard.
Also listed for July 10, 1920.
Filming dates
April 12-18, 1920.
A fragment of the film running 2 minutes 44 seconds was available to me for review.
What the experts say
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Snub Pollard
Ernest Morrison
Kid on tricycle

The following scenes were filmed on location around Culver City.

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