Series: Charley Chase

Director: Leo McCarey
Producer: Hal Roach
Titles: H.M. Walker

Stars: Charley Chase, Marie Mosquini, Sidney D'Albrook, Noah Young, Billy Engle, Jack Gavin, Templar Saxe, August Tollaire
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 29 June 1924
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: D-54
Filming dates: February 25 - March 1, 1924
Rating: 6/10

Stolen Goods

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Imogene Perkins and her banker father are out for a drive when they end up in a near collision with another motorist. The two drivers get out of their cars and ask for the opinion of a passerby, Jimmy Jump, as to his opinion who is at fault but he tells them he didn't see it. The two men begin fighting in the road whilst Jimmy walks on over to flirt with the banker's daughter. Later, Jimmy is at work serving on the jellybean department at Finkle's Emporium when a bashful customer (Noah Young) comes into the store to buy something discreetly. The floorwalker (Billy Engle) opens up the store and is rushed and trampled by the several women anxiously awaiting to be let in. The manager tells Jimmy to assume the role of the floorwalker and to help the customers. A short time later Jimmy is alerted to a shoplifter in the store and goes to confront them, only to discover to his shock it is the banker's daughter whom he met earlier in the day.
The store detective knows of the woman and goes to telephone her father but then realises somebody has stolen his badge. Jimmy discovers Imogene has it, along with several other items including a pair of handcuffs and the manager's watch! The father shows up to apologise for her and the manager telephones a specialist doctor. He turns out to be Dr. Goosebaum - the motorist involved in the car crash earlier. He demands a hefty $10,000 to fix the woman. Jimmy overhears the father declare that he would part with that exact amount in order to cure his daughter and so devises a plan... He gives Imogene a 'magic' pill that supposedly will cure her from stealing and sets up some easy-to-steal items in the shop to tempt her, but she simply walks past them without any urge to take them. Excited at witnessing this, the father promptly writes Jimmy a cheque for ten thousand dollars. It is then revealed how Jimmy managed to trick him! Very clever finish.

Favourite bit
A clever finale with Charley Chase getting one over on the girl's father.

Copyrighted May 12, 1924.

My opinion
Decent short comedy which, although wastes some throwaway scenes with some actors, does lead to a clever finale.

Charley Chase
Jimmy Jump
Marie Mosquini
Imogene Perkins
Sidney D'Albrook
Store detective
Noah Young
Bashful customer
Billy Engle
Jack Gavin
Store manager
Templar Saxe
Mr. Perkins
August Tollaire
Doctor Goosebaum
Helen Gilmore
Sam Lufkin
Store clerk
Leo Willis
Man in phone booth
Martin Wolfkeil


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