Series: All Stars

Director: James W. Horne
Producer: Hal Roach
Titles: H.M. Walker

Stars: Charles Murray, Lucien Littlefield, Noah Young, Al Hallett
Company: Path Exchange
Released: 20 September 1925
Length: 2 reels
Production No.: S-3
Filming dates: May 12-22, 1925
Rating: 2/10

Somewhere In Somewhere
From Reel 2:
It's the World War and Sergeant Noah Young orders one of his soldiers (Lucien Littlefield) over the trench to fix communications. He is joined by Sgt. O'Brien (Charles Murray) but they quickly run away when their trench is hit by a missile. Elsewhere, a woman clutches a photograph of her with both of the soldiers and prays for their safety. Back on the battlefield and the soldiers observe that the bright moon is likely to give their position away to the enemy. Bombs fall around them and one of the soldiers keeps losing his pants. They come upon a barbed wire fence which they navigate but the soldier gets his rifle caught up in it. In frustration, he tries to untangle it but ends up making so much noise in the process further adding to the likelihood of them being heard by the enemy. Not content with this, the soldier shoots the sergeant in the ass before yelling out at the top of his voice for him.
The incompetent soldier continues to make as much noise as possible whilst trying to avoid being blown up by missiles which fall around him and follow him through the air before exploding. The dumb shit even lights a match and holds it above his helmet, further exposing his position to the enemy. When a massive explosion hits the ground in the vicinity the sergeant assumes his friend has been killed (I was rather hoping this myself). He mourns the passing of his buddy - that is until a few moments later he lands on top of him from above! The seemingly headless corpse then reveals himself to be alive and the two men embrace. The operations sergeant [Noah Young] radios Sgt. O'Brien to tell him that Washington has heard of them and they have earnt fifteen days vacation. The dumb soldier celebrates loudly and is immediately bombarded with more missiles. The two soldiers take their leave in a field in Normandie... only to find it covered in poison ivy.

Favourite bit
Lucien Littlefield fumbling around in his uniform without a head whilst trying to look at a photograph.

Copyrighted August 20, 1925.
Also listed for October 25, 1925.
My opinion
Lucien Littlefield's character is one of the dumbest I have ever seen. Watching him I kept hoping he would get blown up!

Charles Murray
Sgt. Patrick Henry Terrence O'Brien
Lucien Littlefield
The buck private
Noah Young
Al Hallett
Carriage driver
Jack Hill
Marjorie Whiteis

INTERTITLES (from reel 2) (click image to enlarge)

Dave Glass (review copy)
Jesse Brisson (identification of Marjorie Whiteis)

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