Fast Black
Series: Fite series with Earl Mohan Distribution: Pathé  Director: Tay Garnett  Cinematography: ?
Production: D-57 Type: Silent short Producer: Hal Roach  Editor: ?
Released: 15 June 1924 Length: 1-reel


"Hot Shoes! Loose-leg contest for the Shake, Shiver and Shimmy Championship ~ ~" reads the opening caption card as a group of black men lay down their money to compete in a contest outside Santa Fe station to determine who can dance the fastest. After a couple of guys have taken their turn, in steps the railway porter to try his luck. Along comes Billy Engle and Earl Mohan (in blackface). One of the crowd discards his lit cigarette into the air and it lands down the back of Mohan's uniform. This causes Mohan to dance irritably in order to remove it from his clothing to save being burned by it, but his movements draw attention from the crowd who award him the money as being the winner. Engle congratulates his friend whilst relieving the winnings from his pocket, but Mohan quickly takes it back. That's pretty much it!

Production D-57 - Fite series with Earl Mohan.
Copyrighted May 28, 1924.
Filming dates
March 18-25 and April 8, 1924.
This was the third film in the series to be released.
Only 2 minutues and 37 seconds of the film was available to me for review.
In the available footage I was able to review, the opening shot of the film shows the outside of Santa Fe station.
The film's title refers to the speed of black men dancing.

What the experts say
"What the f*ck?" ~ Lord Heath.

Earl Mohan
Porter in blackface
Billy Engle
Porter's sidekick
Noah Young
[unidentified character]
Frank Terry
[unidentified character]
Glenn Tryon
[unidentified character]

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