Series: Snub Pollard

Director: Alfred J. Goulding
Producer: Hal Roach
Titles: H.M. Walker (?)

Stars: Snub Pollard, Ernest Morrison, Marie Mosquini
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 02 May 1920
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: H-29
Filming dates: March 16-24, 1920
Rating: 4/10

Drink Hearty

Marie is tending to some chickens on a farm when revenue officer Bob O'Conor pays her a visit. Meanwhile a group of men take turns to knock upon a fence but are pulled through from the other side by Snub. It turns out that Snub is running a secret bar in his barn. Snub orders his waiter (Ernest Morrison) to wait the tables and take the drinks orders from the men. Snub pours the drinks from a cuckoo clock hanging above the counter by adjusting the time to fit the order (quite clever). He then looks outside to see his girl in the arms of a stranger (Eddie Boland) so Snub goes and issues a warning for the man to stay away from her before proposing marriage to Marie. Eddie retaliates by informing the revenue officers of Snub's illegal distillery in the barn.
A shady-looking gentleman finds his way to the secret barn and helps himself to some free lunch Snub has offered him, whilst one of the patrons is so desperate for a drink he empties the mercury from a thermomenter into a glass and drinks it. (Why?) Two officials enter the barn but find nothing, as Snub makes his exit and heads for a large haystack in a field where the officers chase him. Snub outsmarts them all by climbing to the top of it as the men run around the stack searching in vain. This eventually turns into a hide n seek thing with the men seeking Snub inside the haystack. They fire shots into the haystack and it suddenly starts moving away from them (Snub is underneath it). Some real tough black dude bully starts smacking Sunshine Sammy with a stick but he and the men soon flee when they see the moving haystack. It all ends with Snub, Marie, Eddie and Ernie drinking from Snub's own brand of 'corn cure' with Snub and his new finacee kissing.

Favourite bit
Drinking mercury from a thermometer is not a recommended past time.

Copyrighted June 15, 1920.
Also listed for May 15, 1920.
My opinion
Blimey, where do I start.... well for a Snub Pollard film it isn't that bad, but at one-reel in length it tries to rush through a thin storyline which had potential but was let down by a rather silly ending. If giant moving haystacks are your thing then you'll like this film.

Snub Pollard
Ernest Morrison
George Washington Tarfoot Lee
Marie Mosquini
Snub's sweetheart
Eddie Boland
Bob O'Conor
Revenue officer


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Dave Glass (print)
Jesse Brisson (disputes Sammy Brooks as the short drinker, whom I have now relegated to the "Unidentified" section)

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