Series: James Finlayson

Director: Stan Laurel
Producer: Hal Roach
Photography: Art Lloyd

Stars: James Finlayson, Lyle Tayo, Frederick KoVert
Company: Pathé Exchange
Released: 05 July 1925
Length: 1 reel
Production No.: D-88
Filming dates: May 11-14, 1925
Rating: 4/10

Chasing The Chaser

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A suspicious wife (LYLE TAYO) takes her nosy neighbor (VILLIE LATIMER) along with her to a detectives agency to enlist them to investigate her suspicious husband. The secretary (FREDERICK KO VERT) pulls off a wig to reveal he is actually a man. The husband (JAMES FINLAYSON) is seen stalking beautiful women along the streets, even offering to help a mother with her pram when she is too dumb to push it up onto the sidewalk from the road. The mother disappears into a store, leaving her young child with the man she has known for about 2 minutes, whilst a man who can't mind his own business walks past and gives him a dirty look before continuing on. An hour later the mother (FAY WRAY) emerges and reclaims her child. The cheating husband is forced to buy a new hat after his was squashed by the child.
The trap is set as he returns home to find a new maid, who tells him that his wife is out (she is actually hiding in the house with the nosy neighbor). The husband orders the maid to fetch two drinks for them, as his wife looks on from behind a door. The maid doesn't waste any time (or drink) in downing hers immediately. The husband and maid then begin some dirty dancing in the middle of the lounge, which comes to an abrupt end when she feigns a fainting. The husband catches her, which gives her the opportunity to signal the wife with the blow of a whistle. The wife comes in and catches her husband red-handed and orders him out of the house (even though he probably owns it and pays the bills). The husband realises he's been set up when the maid takes off her wig and so he takes his revenge by pushing her out of the house before shooting at her through the door. The wife forgives her husband, and he promises never to look at another woman again, until a streetcar pulls up outside and a young lady boards it....

Favourite bit
The reaction of the two ladies when they see that the secretary is not quite what she seems.

Copyrighted July 6, 1925.
The film was released on July 5, 1925 - the same day as Charley Chase's Isn't Life Terrible? In an unusual claim to fame, Fay Wray and William Gillespie appeared in both films.
One source lists Jules Mendel as being in the film. He isn't.
My opinion
A simple storyline which is shoved into a ten minute play. Not rubbish but not great. The disturbing part about it is the fact the detective looks very convincing as a woman! And also, what the f*ck has it got to do with the neighbor anyway?

James Finlayson
Gilor, the husband
Lyle Tayo
Frederick Ko Vert
William Gillespie
Hat salesman
Villie Latimer
Fay Wray
Pedestrian who couldn't mind his own business
Baby in pram

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