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-20 new actors (all from the same film!) added to the site. All are added with no birth dates and just a simple 1-film credit for Harold Lloyd's Get Out And Get Under (1920). More credits for these people may come up later but for now I just wanted to get them on the site and into the Actors A-Z page. If you think for one minute I am listing them all here then you are crazy. I still have another 34 to add from this film. I hate these Harold Lloyd cast listings with a passion. The remaining names I need to add can be viewed at the top of the To Do page.
-New film credits added for Harry Bayfield (3), J. Ray Avery (3), Adele Kaufman (2), Charles McGuire (2), Lucille Smith (2), Vera Alden (2), William J. Horn (2), Ed Carlie (2), Gus Priddy (2), Gertrude Starr (2), Francis Spencer (2), Ethel Wilson (2) and Jean Pamm (2).
-New film credits (all for Skip The Maloo! (1931)) found by Jesse and added for: Baldwin Cooke (95), Clara Guiol (55), Cy Slocum (37), Gordon Douglas (26), Estelle Etterre (22), Silas D. Wilcox (22), Jack Richardson (9), Jack Chefe (8), Gertrude Sutton (8), Howard Truesdale (6), Mary Emery (5) and Clarence Wertz (4).
-Added Barbara Bletcher and James Harrison to the site.
-Added all of the cast (101 of them, for god's sake!) for Harold Lloyd's Get Out And Get Under (SERIOUSLY? JUST HOW MANY BLOODY PEOPLE CAN YOU CRAM INTO A 20 MINUTE FILM?) Many of the names on the list need to have new pages created for them - this will require a lot of work, which I shall do shortly...
-New information (dates and bio) added for Junior Kavanaugh. [Jarvis]
-New film credits added for Mark Jones (77), Fanny Perry (9), James Darcie Lloyd (4) and Harry Blanchard (2).
-Added writer/director Nicholas T. Barrows to the site.
-Added a new lobby card for Charley Chase's Innocent Husbands. [Peter Mikkelsen]
-I have finally got around to sorting out a large e-mail from Jesse dating back to February this year regarding several new IDs in a couple of Pitts/Todd films. This has resulted in new film credits added for Harry Bernard (100), Betty Danko (28), Estelle Etterre (21), Symona Boniface (17), Sidney DeGray (13), John T. Prince (8), Dorothy Layton (7), Ruth Adams (4), John Power (3). [Jesse]
-Added 3 child actors to the site: Charles Oelze Jr., David Kirby Jr. and Sammy Josephs.
-New film credits found for Roy Brooks (36), Patsy O'Byrne (23), Grace Woods (19), Don Maines (10), Madge Hunt (5), Kenneth Johnson (2). [thanks to Jesse for some of these]
-Thanks to Brian Barr for another monthly donation.
-New film credit found for Gus Leonard (104). [Robert Demoss]
-New film credit found for Marjorie Whiteis (12). [Jesse]
-New Charley Chase At Hal Roach: The Late Silents 1927 DVD from Kit Parker coming soon...
-Image and additional information added for Arthur Currier.
-New film credits added for Ham Kinsey (80), Robert Page (12) and Edward Thomas (2).
-Added this still for Our Gang's Our Gang. [Jorge]
-Added this still for Our Gang's The Fourth Alarm!. [Jorge]
-Big thanks to everybody who today sent Facebook messages, donations [Jesse Brisson, Tom Schober, Jackie Mobbs, Dave Pickard, Scott Margolin], video messages and the like for my birthday. Quite overwhelmed actually. The money has helped, and the support has been very encouraging.
-Huge page update for Harry Lorraine, courtesy Jesse.
-Big thanks to Dave Pickard for his birthday donation. That made a big difference, trust me!
-Scrambled together some cast screenshots for Our Gang's The Fourth Alarm! (1926), including a dodgy one of Mildred Kornman. Yes, I went there.
-Paul Mular has sent me an image for the 1950 Library Films Print for the Pitts/Todd film Red Noses.
-Added Marie Mills, Gertrude Starr, and H.W. Bradley to the site.... along with about 20 others from I Do (1921). Can't be bothered to list them all individually here! Today has been LONG.
-Made a correction to the page for Leo Booth. The Harold Lloyd Encyclopedia lists an actor by the name of LEV BOOTH for "Somewhere In Turkey" and LEO BOOTH for "I Do". Suspecting this is the same person but with a spelling mistake, I have merged the two credits and renamed the page in favour of the more-probably LEO Booth (and removed LEV Booth). Another similarity is for Al Caukins, whose name is spelled KAUKINS in one film. The screenshot-stealing thieves at the IM*b list his under the name of CAUKINS.
-New film credits added for Jack Mulhall (3) and H.B. Suttie (2).
-Added a lobby card, stills and tidied the page for Scram!.
-Added Dick Cartwright to the site.
-Another life-saving donation received from Mr. Jarvis. My/our gratitude is enormous. Thank you.
-My friend Cody has found an interesting article which explains the death of today's birthday lad Gene Holland.
-Today's "god" is called Steve Wright, who has sent basically a lifeline to me and my family with his donation. I always appreciate them, but this one makes a difference to us because we are really struggling this week (my income has been cut by £70pw due to my son turning 16). I never exaggerate when I say this but EVERY DONATION helps, no matter how little. A big thanks. A big, big thanks, Steve.
-Added Ricca Allen to the site.
-New film credits discovered for Sam Lufkin (102), Ham Kinsey (79), Betty Danko (27) and Scotty Mattraw (6). [all Jesse]
-Added Rosina Galli, Stanley Andrews, Eddie Arden, Polly Bailey, Harry Brown, Joyce Bryant, Paul E. Burns and Eric Alden to the site.
-New film credits added for Jack Raymond (13), Ben Taggart (10), Jack Richardson (8), Frank O'Connor (6), Suzanne Ridgway (3) and Victor Potel (2). There are several actors in the film The Housekeeper's Daughter (1939) that need their own page. The list is quite long and I will be adding them shortly....
-Added an almost-complete set of hi resolution lobby cards for today's No Father To Guide Him (1925) - a film I really like but just can't watch.
-Found some amazing old signatures from a document which was featured on the TV show Pawn Stars. So I freeze-framed the relevant shots and grabbed the autographs for: Bonita Granville and Loretta Young.
-New film credits added for Charles McAvoy (16), Buddy Messinger (6), Pat Flahery (3), Herschel Graham (3), Bobbie Hale (3), Wright Kramer (2), Tony Merlo (2), George Lynn (1).
-New film credits added for Billy Engle (44), Stanley Blystone (9), Irving Bacon (3).
-Tidied up the page for One-Horse Farmers, now with much tighter plot summary, fixed links and better overall appearance. The page was still showing as the film being unavailable on DVD - which it has been now for 5 years! Shows you how much work needs to be done on the site.
THE "TO DO" list.

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