Air Fright
Series: Thelma Todd & Patsy Kelly Distribution: MGM  Director: Gus Meins  Cinematography: Kenneth Peach
Production: A-19 Type: Sound short Producer: Hal Roach  Editor: Bert Jordan
Released: 23 December 1933 Length: 2-reels Sound recording: Harry Baker


A heavily made up Thelma looks divine in her clinging air hostess uniform! Patsy dosen't. The parachutist sniggers, which makes Patsy retort one of her catchphrases, "Wanna make something out of it?" Thelma spends most of the film trying to control Patsy's annoying childish behaviour, and sneers a lot, which adds to her sexiness! At the plane, we meet the wonderful Don Barclay, playing the odd inventor complete with thick glasses and walks with hands wide apart and silly sayings! He demonstrates the ejector seat, and out falls Patsy onto the tarmac. "Good gracious, hi-ho", he says. Just as they take off, Thelma tells Patsy,"Now you're gonna get your big thrill!" Patsy falls out the door, Thelma grabs her back in firmly under her breasts! Don says, "Oh good gracious! I hope this fuss dosen't keep up, I'm all twittered, I'm all fluttered!" Patsy feels airsick, staggering about handing out trays and bumping into the parachutist and knocking his cigar down his shirt.  This causes him to panic and fall out of the plane, but lands pretty safely on the ground. This upsets the boss, as nobody can demonstrate Don's parachute. But asks if someone else could do it? "No bout-a-doubt it!" Don replies.
Everybody pretends to treat Patsy politely, so as she will sit in the ejector seat. She says to the boss,"Say, you're not half as bad as Thelma said you was!" They all laugh. Don keeps pulling the wrong handle, and one by one, people fall out the plane. One cries like the cowardly lion in the Wizard Of Oz, lands painfully, still in his chair. One lands on beehives! Another on a burning chimney, and two women land in a tree, exposing their bloomers! In the plane, Don has parachute ropes caught round his neck, the girls at the other end, dangling half out of the plane, showing lots of big bums and stockings! They eventually fall out, and make very high-pitched 'Tarzan' screams, and land on a train track, narrowly avoiding an on coming train. Short film of farce. I love it!
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Production A-19 - Thelma Todd and Patsy Kelly series.
Copyrighted December 22, 1933.
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This was the third film in the series to be released.
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Thelma Todd
Patsy Kelly
Don Barclay
Mr. Barclay, the inventor
Billy Bletcher
Stunt aviator
Wilfred Lucas
Mr. Lucas, airline superintendent
Gladys Blake
Lucas's secretary
Sydney Jarvis
Robert McKenzie
Isabelle Keith
Gladys Gale
Buddy Roosevelt


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