Charlotte Mineau
born: 24 March 1886
Escanaba, Michigan,
United States of America
died: 12 October 1979
Los Angeles, California,
United States of America
(age 93)
Tall American actress.  She married actor Christian J. Frank on January 24th, 1931 in Los Angeles.

Her father, 28-year old Adolph, drowned during a fishing outing at Chandler Falls; Charlotte was only two months old.  His father-in-law (Charles Mayotte, a saloonkeeper) and three other men were with, but were unable to save him.  The Mineaus lived in Wells at the time, but later moved to "Escy" possibly to be near the Mayottes.  Charlotte attended school in Escanaba, but she may not have graduated.
She went to Green Bay Business College in Wisconsin to study stenography; she returned to Escy and worked as a stenographer, store clerk and telephone operator. In 1910, she went to Chicago to seek work as a stenographer.  However, she joined Essanay circa 1911; her earliest known film, The Little Poet (with James C. Carroll) was released in January 1912.
In 1915, she won Essanay's skating championship (per an article at the Chicago Tribune) - taken at the rink behind the building - calling on her U.P. experience.  She and Chaplin did one film at Essanay in Chicago; when it played in Escy, His New Job's advertisement from the Bijou Theater in The Daily Press (shown in the article) billed their hometown girl before Chaplin (already one of the best-known actors in the world).
When Chaplin went to Mutual in California, so did Lottie, working for him for 2 years before moving on to films with other popular actors; she spent the rest of her life in LA.
Height: 5'10" Films listed on this page: complete Hal Roach filmography.


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[unidentified character]

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[unidentified character]

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Mrs. Haig

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Mrs. Weedle

The Cow's Kimono

Should Husbands Pay?
Mrs. Krum

Wise Guys Prefer Brunettes
The matron

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Hired bride

45 Minutes From Hollywood

Love 'Em And Weep
Mrs. Aggie Tillsbury

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Mrs. Brittle

Strictly Unreliable
Mrs. Hawkins, the landlady

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