Series: Laurel and Hardy

Director: James Parrott
Producer: Hal Roach
Dialogue: H.M. Walker
Photography: George Stevens
Editor: Richard C. Currier
Sound: Elmer Raguse

Stars: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Bob O'Conor, Enrique Acosta
Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Released: 1930
Length: 3 reels
Production No.: L-32
Filming dates: February 17-28, 1930
Rating: -/10

Tiembla y Titubea

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See also Below Zero

The chief of police (ENRIQUE ACOSTA) is proud of his top cop (BOB O'CONOR) and calls him into his office to congratulate him. During the conversation the chief hands him a bunch of money as a reward and the cop puts it in his wallet (the camera is very keen to make sure we see the identification on this!) and the cop leaves. We then cut to Stan and Ollie as street musicians busking for change out on a snow-covered sidewalk (this is where "Below Zero" comes in) as several people pass by. It doesn't take much time before they stop to reflect on the disappointing fact they are not making any money nor getting any attention. As Stan packs up his accordian Ollie notices a plaque on the wall that reveals all the while they have been playing in front of a deaf and dumb institute. Stan moves down the street where he finds an open grille in the ground letting out warm steam. Ollie joins him and they continue their music. A young woman appears at an overhead window and calls for their attention. She asks how much money they make in an average street. Ollie consults with Stan before answering her and gives her an exaggerated answer. She throws down some money - and asks them to move to another street!
The 'musicians' oblige their paying customer and move down the street to where two women are chatting to one another in a doorway. Siezing an opportunity to impress, the boys set up their instruments quickly but their desperate tactics scare the ladies off. Disappointed, they go to resume their playing when Stan falls over his accordian. This leads to a brief shoving match, followed by an exchange of hat-whacking of each other. Stan gets the upper hand when he slaps Ollie's hand for continuing to be dominant in the act. They begin to hum the tune to "In The Good Old Summertime" (it's obvious they didn't know the words in Spanish!) as a disgruntled shopkeeper (CHARLIE HALL, reprising his role from the English-speaking version) looks on from across the street. Ollie finishes off the song with one line of singing before an off-screen snowball is thrown into his face. Ollie is about to retaliate when Stan advises him to ignore the man.


Copyrighted April 14, 1930. (Below Zero)
When we first see Ollie playing the double bass there is a clear time when he has stopped playing the instrument to tip his hat to passersby. During this time two notes are heard from the bass despite the fact Ollie isn't playing it.
As the boys are playing outside the institute at the beginning, 5 people are seen walking in and 4 people are seen walking out of ther building.
When the boys are playing their music outside the deaf and dumb institute the plaque on the wall is in Spanish. Hoewever, in the next scene when they move down to play outside the Chop Suey Palace, the writing in the window is in English.
The blind old man has a label on his neck, saying "Ciego" (blind).
When Blanche Payson confronts Stan and Ollie, her scenes are slightler longer than in "Below Zero". She shoves Stan, smacks his arm and also the cut-back shot to Baldwin Cooke is absent in this version.

Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
Bob O'Connor
Enrique Acosta
Police chief
Blanche Payson
Formidable woman
Baldwin Cooke
Man window
Leo Willis
Charlie Hall
Annoyed shopkeeper
Lyle Tayo
Woman coming out of institution
Robert Page
Bob Minford
Café patron
Leo Sulky
Café patron
Skeets Noyes
Café employee
Sammy Brooks
Café patron
Jack Hill
Cy Slocum
Café patron/employee
Chet Brandenburg
Stan Laurel's stand-in
Policeman in headquarters
Lady at window
Women in street doorway

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Laurel And Hardy: The Magic Behind The Movies by Randy Skretvedt (book)
Jesse Brisson (identification of Sammy Brooks, Bob Minford, Leo Sulky, Cy Slocum, Chet Brandenburg, Robert Page, Skeets Noyes)

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