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Hop To It!
Hop To It, Bellhop
Cumberland Productions (Mirthquake Comedies) / Arrow Film Corporation

Release date:
1 July 1925
  Sound short:
2 reels
Ted Burnsten
Ted Burnsten
Billy West
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....... It seems like a typical day in the reception room of the Bilkmore hotel as guests come and go.  The two bellhops are introduced individually.  First is Babe Hardy from New Jersey, a place where the mosquitos are so big they eat Fords for dessert.  Then we have Bobby Ray, who is "so slow, he caught the whooping cough in November and didn't start to whoop until March".
Babe is sitting and rolling a cigarette when Bobby can't help but sneezing, causing Hardy's tobacco to fly out of the wrapper.  Bobby notes that his shoelaces are untied and so rectifies this, little realising that he is tieing his left shoe to Hardy's right shoe.  Hardy's attempts to re-fill his tobacco is again thwarted, this time by an electric fan which is blowing in his direction.  Just when Hardy thinks it's safe to resume rolling his cigarette, Bobby sneezes again and is throttled for his troubles.  As way of an apology, Bobby offers Hardy a ready-made cigarette in replacement.
A car arrives outside the hotel and it's time for the bellhops to go to work, but of course, as they get up from their chairs they fall straight down again due to the tied shoes!  A saleslady (Janet Dawn) checks in to reception.

Favourite bit    
•Copyrighted May 19, 1925 (LP21483) by Arrow Pictures Corporation. [source: Rob Stone]
•Known as "Hop To It, Bellhop" in the UK, and "Hup, Hup, Piccolo" in Netherlands.
Did you notice?
•The name of the hotel is Bilkmore.
•A total of ten people are in the opening shot of the film, as others walk into the frame.
•"Babe" Hardy is billed as hailing from New Jersey in the film.  The title card that introduces him says it's a place "where the mosquitos are so big they eat Fords for desert."  Dessert is mis-spelled on the card.
•When we first see the bellboys, they are sitting in front of a large sign which reads "For bellboys only".
•Both Bobby Ray and Oliver Hardy's uniforms have 9 buttons each on them.
•It appears that Bobby Ray is wearing a right shoe on his left foot when he goes to tie his laces.  In fact, it's a trick shot because what we see is Bobby's left shoe next to Hardy's right shoe.
•Look closely at the electric fan in the opening scenes and you can see there is a piece of string attached to it, leading off in Hardy's direction.  It can be seen when he leans over to turn it off.

Bobby Ray
Oliver Hardy
Janet Dawn
Frank Alexander
Hotel guest
Spencer Bell

Steve Rydzewski (identification of Spencer Bell)

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