Venice Lloyd
born: 24 March 1904
Provo, Utah,
United States of America
died: 10 May 1998
Los Angeles, California,
United States of America
(aged 94)
American bit-part actress, the wife of cinematographer Art Lloyd (married January 1, 1928* in Provo).  Her father, a music teacher, was Samuel J. Jepperson Jr., and her mother was Hilda Anderson.

She is buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, CA Plot: Meditation Lot 835 sp.5.

*verified by two Utah documents on the website
Real name: Venice Marie Jepperson Films listed on this page: complete Hal Roach filmography.


Putting Pants On Philip
Woman wearing cloche hat
DVD screencapture - Lord Heath - Laurel & Hardy - Another Nice Mess -

Shivering Shakespeare
Pie vendor

Fast Work
Office worker

Chickens Come Home
DVD screencapture - Lord Heath - Laurel & Hardy - Another Nice Mess -

The Pip From Pittsburg
Nightclub patron

One Of The Smiths
Train passenger

Let's Do Things
Nightclub patron

1920 - She is a student and Dad is President of his own Photo and Music Company in Provo.  She gets 2 years college (1940 Census: Provo City Directory@ Ancestry).
1924 - She is a teacher in Provo (Provo City Directories).
1930 - Census: She and ART living in LA with his son RICHARD aged 11 from his previous marriage (more later).
1940 - Census: She & ART still in LA with his son (23) who has 1 yr. of college and works 40 hrs per week as a "service station attendant" earning $1600 per year (not in school).
ART has 1 yr.HS and earns "$5000+ per yr" as a cameraman and owns his $10,000 home "free-and-clear".
1954 - Nov 25 ART dies in Los Angeles.
1956 - Dec 28 VENICE marries JACK IRWIN ADELL in LA. She is 50 and he is 58. (CA Marriage Index 1949-1959) (
1964 - Nov 11 JACK ADELL dies in LA (b.1898) (
1976 - Jun 9 RICHARD LLOYD dies; evidently ART's only child.
1998 - May 10 VENICE dies in LA aged 94 (Social Security Death Index @
+ ARTHUR RAYMOND LLOYD b.17 Oct.1896* in LA d.25 Nov 1954. (*some sources say "1897" including ART's 1946 USAAF record of his returning to Hamilton Field as a "cameraman"
"inactive Army Officer". (Ancestry). I say "1896" based on 2 records which are very close to the actual event (his birth).
+ The 1900 Census asks "in what month and YEAR was this person born". In 1900, ART's young mother answered "MARCH 1896".
+ On 5 Jun 1918, ART (age 21) filled out and signed (under oath) that he was born "17 Oct 1896". (World War I Draft Card @
+ I haven't found a Birth Certificate or WWII Draft Record.
+ BEFORE 1917 Dec 15 ART marries FAY NORTH (based on this birth date of their son RICHARD (CA Death Index 1940-1997 @
+ 1918 - Jun 5 ART works for Vitagraph Film Co. He is 21 and married Is "medium height, slender build, with gray eyes and light brown hair. (WWI Draft Card,
+ 1920 Census LA: living with her parents in Venice, CA. He is a motion picture cameraman and FAY is a theater usher.
+ BEFORE 1926 (his 2nd marriage) they are divorced. FAY also re-marries (Mr.HALL) and dies 1989 in San Diego. It appears that ART had custody of his son. (CA Death Index 1940-1997 1930 & 1940 Census: Ancestry

Jim Jarvis (pretty much everything!)
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Jim Clewer (identification in Let's Do Things)
Richard W. Bann (help and assistance)
Utah Birth Registers, 1892-1944 (
1910 US Census
Jesse Brisson (surname; identification in Fast Work, Shivering Shakespeare)

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