Series: All Stars

Director: James W. Horne
Producer: Hal Roach
Titles: H.M. Walker
Photography: Art Lloyd
Editor: William H. Terhune

Stars: Anita Garvin, Marion Byron, Max Davidson
Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Released: 05 January 1929
Length: 2 reels
Production No.: S-15
Filming dates: August 8-21, 1928; retakes October 1-4, 1928
Rating: 6/10

Going Ga-Ga

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Anita (Garvin) and Marion (Byron) are fired from their bakery jobs after Marion falls on a cake (the words "GREETINGS" is etched in cream across her rear end as they walk off down the street). Further along the street, a couple (Edgar Kennedy and his wife) confide in a private detective (Max Davidson) that their baby has been stolen and offer a handsome reward for his return. A middle-aged woman is then seen walking down the street carrying a baby girl. She spots the police following her and quickly hands her child to Anita and Marion and flees the scene. Max spots the ladies with the baby, as does policeman Harry Bernard, but nobody says a word. The girls decide to try and get rid of the child by getting it to follow a line of young children into a nearby orphanage. Max catches up with the girls and after a brief exchange he follows them down the street as they hurry away.


Copyrighted December 27, 1928.
The title of the film has a certain irony. Anita's grandchildren affectionately addressed her as Ga-Ga!
For three knocks on the door, a man hands a glass of beer through the hole. I don't want to think about what he would stuck through the same hole for 4 knocks!
A reward of $10,000 is offered for the safe return of the baby. That was an enormous amount of money for 1929!
This was the first film released by Hal Roach in 1929.

Anita Garvin
Marion Byron
Max Davidson
Detective Davidson
Harry Bernard
Edgar Kennedy
Sam Lufkin
Don Sandstrom
Guy with beer behind door
Addie McPhail
Frantic mother
Wally Albright
Little boy
Kay Deslys
Little Oscar's mother
Warren Mills
Little Oscar, the baby
Leo Sulky


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Steve Randisi (information)
Jesse Brisson (identification of Dan Sandstrom, Addie McPhail)

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